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Kindle Oasis Can Now Be Purchased In Champagne Gold
First announced five months ago, the new Kindle Oasis is the first waterproof e-reader from Amazon. The upgraded model brought a larger battery and a 7 inch display with an aluminum back. Amazon is now offering this device in a new color option. Customers who have yet to purchase a Kindle Oasis will now be able to pick one up in champagne gold as well.

New Kindle Oasis Is Amazon's First Waterproof Kindle
Amazon Kindles are very versatile devices. You can take them on a plane with you or just relax by the pool as you read your favorite books. However, if you dropped the Kindle in the pool, you’d probably end up having to buy a new one. Despite making several improvements to Kindles over the years, Amazon never really made them “waterproof.” The company is rectifying that today with the launch […]

Amazon Launches Kindle Oasis, Its Thinnest Kindle Yet
About a week ago Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos confirmed that the company will soon release a new flagship Kindle e-reader. He didn’t provide any details of the new product in his tweet but a few days later we did see some leaked photos of the device, and some rumors also suggested what it might be capable of. Amazon has now officially launched the Kindle Oasis which happens to […]

Amazon Kindle Oasis Leaked Ahead Of Official Unveiling
According to an announcement by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, he confirmed that later this week we can expect the company to unveil a new high-end Kindle device. The official announcement has yet to be made, but it seems that thanks to a listing spotted in China, the device has since been revealed.