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MIK1111 2016 Tech Event In Seoul
MIK 1111 (Made in Korea, eleven Eleven) a new tech event organized by Aving News, which is shaping to be a bi-annual event (summer and autumn). 1111 refers to November Eleven, the date at which the “Chinese Black Friday” called Singles Day, happens. Yesterday, Alibaba has announced that it broke a new record by reach $18 Billion in sales during that day ($5 Billion in the first hours). 82% of […]

After Coffee: Making World Better, One Cup Of Coffee At A Time
I didn’t know this before going to Korea for the first time, but it is one of the most caffeinated countries in the world.This is evident when you walk around as the concentration of coffee shops is higher than anywhere else I’ve been so far.After Coffee (site in Korean) is a non-profit project that has two objectives: First, they believe in fair trade with the coffee producers in third world countries.Secondly, […]

VIP Asia 2013 In Seoul: Photo Gallery And Overview
A few weeks ago, I was in Seoul, South Korea, to attend VIP Asia Awards 2013, an event held in the Seoul Ritz Carlton by Aving, a Korean media company known for its industry events coverage worldwide. I’ve known them for many years and this time Ubergizmo was a media partner to promote the event (like we do with MWC or IFA), but I was also invited to talk about […]

Smart Content Center: A Government-Supported Incubator In Korea
I have visited the Smart Content Center in the G.Square building In Seoul: it is a South Korean government-supported incubator that helps startup by providing a low-cost working space (rent is free for successful applicants) that comes equipped with a well-furnished mobile testing lab, a video-editing studio, along with logistical and marketing support. Startups are still responsible for securing enough funding to pay its employees and other expenses of course.At […]


Man In South Korea Takes Out A $7,300 Loan For In-Game Purchases
Based on what we have heard in the past, purchasing items in-game can lead to a pretty hefty bills. In fact kids have accidentally racked up thousands on dollars on their parent’s credit card because they thought that items were free, and let’s not forget how Candy Crush was reportedly earning its developers a staggering $633,000 a day in in-app purchases. This is why it is no surprise that a […]

Road-Powered Electric Vehicle Network In South Korea Debuts
There is always a first time for everything, and today, we have word that the first road-powered electric vehicle network in the world has just turned itself on in South Korea. What you see in the image above depicts an OLEV in South Korea, which is all set to drive over an electrified strip of road, now how about that? This particular network will comprise of specially constructed roads that […]

'Bridge of Life' Intends To Prevent Suicides By Projecting Messages
Bridge of Life in Korea has inspirational messages beamed onto its handrails.

Hands-On: LG Optimus GK Review
The LG Optimus GK packs nearly the same punch as its larger cousin the Optimus G Pro, but in a smaller, more pocketable body. Here's our hands-on experience with it.

Google reportedly raided by Korean Fair Trade Commission over anti-trust concerns
Oh dear Google, what have you done in Korea? The Korea Fair Trade Commission reportedly raided Google’s offices in Seoul on Monday this week. This marks as the second time that the search engine giant’s headquarters in South Korea have been breached by Korean authorities. Two years ago, the South Korean police raided Google’s office over suspicions that the company might have collected and stored data from Wi-Fi networks without […]

LG Optimus Vu Launches in Korea, with a Touch of White
What do you do when you’re bored of the color black? Of course, you whitewash it. We got to tell you about what we just saw over at LG Korea. Apart from the pretty Korean lady, we’re looking at a white-colored version of the 5-inch Optimus Vu with a 4:3 aspect ratio that was recently priced and eventually, launched in the local market a couple of months ago. According to […]

Optimus LTE Tag launched in Korea
We’re only a week away from MWC 2012, but LG has already started unveiling its devices ahead of the event. Earlier today we had the LG Optimus Vu, and now there’s a one more smartphone from the Korean electronics manufacturer – the LG Optimus LTE Tag. Despite carrying the Optimus LTE name, the phone seems to be a lower spec’d version of its predecessor. The LG Optimus LTE Tag has […]

Kia Ray EV announced
Kia Motors, one of Korea’s popular car manufacturers, has announced the launch of Korea’s first Electric Vehicle (EV) – the Kia Ray EV. If the first thing that popped into your mind was the sleek curves of a manta ray’s body when you heard the name “Ray” you’re not alone – that was my first though. However it looks like Kia has decided to go with a not-so-sleek boxy shape […]

LG Optimus Pad LTE spotted in Korea
LG hasn’t really made any waves in the US with its Android tablet, the Optimus Pad, but it looks like it’s been doing well enough in Korea to warrant a sequel. Some folks have spotted a new tablet from LG called the Optimus Pad LTE which is said to be pretty similar to the original pad – except that it features 4G LTE connectivity for high speed connectivity.The LG Optimus […]

Galaxy Nexus gets an optional larger battery in Korea
The Samsung Galaxy Nexus still hasn’t reared its head on this side of the world yet, but it looks like its Korean brethren have already started receiving matching accessories. According to reports online, folks who purchase the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in Korea will be able to purchase an optional larger battery for the device. And unlike the HTC Thunderbolt’s battery that adds a hideous bump to the phone’s rear, the […]