Lady Gaga is most definitely not short on fans. With 25 million fans on Twitter and 50 million on Facebook, we guess the next logical step for her would be to launch her own social network. Wait – what? Yup you heard it right, Lady Gaga has officially launched her own social networking website dubbed Little Monsters, which coincidentally is also the nickname given to her fans. It’s a rather niche social networking website designed for Lady Gaga fans to congregate together and share news, photos and videos of the superstar, although to be honest 50 million Facebook fans can hardly be called “niche”.


The site was launched by Backplane, a company co-founded by her manager who also names ex-employees from both Google and Facebook, so safe to say they know what they’re doing. Not just limited to Lady Gaga, Backplane also has plans to launch social networks for other celebrities, thus taking fan clubs and fan pages to a whole new level. After all, why rely on a third-party website like Facebook when you can create one for yourself, right?

At the moment Little Monsters is in open beta and is invite only although it reportedly has 100,000 users at the moment. Some of its features includes a chatroom with a built-in translator. Now before you think of signing up, it seems that not just anyone can join. Designed for true Lady Gaga fans, it seems that part of the signup process includes questions about the users themselves such as where were they when they first heard the “Mother Monster” song and etc.

However if you consider yourself a true Lady Gaga fan, sorry, Little Monster, head on over to the site and leave your email address in hope that you might be given an invitation to join.

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