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Police Officer Charged With Stealing Nude Pics Of Arrested Women
A California highway patrol officer is currently facing a rather odd charge of two felonies after allegations came his way, citing that he is a photo thief. And not just any ordinary photo, but rather, it seems that the photos he allegedly stole were explicit in nature, taken from the iPhones of the female offenders whom he was arresting. Officer Sean Harrington has resigned since, and he claimed that his […]

Texting While Driving Law To Take Effect In New Mexico
It goes without saying that being a responsible driver does carry a whole lot of responsibility and weight on one’s shoulders. Sure, some vehicles from various makes do come with some sort of pedestrian collision sensor that ought to limit injury risk, but most of the time, this will kick in only when the vehicle is moving relatively slowly. At high speeds, such a safety system is more or less […]

FCC Chairman Vows To Investigate U.S. Cellphone Unlocking Ban
On January 26, it was deemed illegal for those in the U.S. to unlock their cellphones to be used on any wireless carrier they choose, which resulted in a White House petition to be created, receiving over 100,000 signatures, meaning we should be hearing an official response from them in the near future.FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski caught wind of consumers’ outrage, and has voiced his concerns on the topic saying the “ban […]

Protect-IP law, the 5mn video overview [must watch]
There’s a new Internet law called PROTECT-IP that is about to be voted in Congress,  and you need to pay attention to it. PROTECT-IP stands for “Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act of 2011” and its stated goal is to fight against copyright infringement from non-USA entities, and it is estimated to cost $50M of your tax dollars per year.


MI5, GCHQ to aid authorities in tracking, intercepting and tracing social messages in London riots
It seems that during the London riots, groups of looters were organized through the use of RIM’s Blackberry Messenger service. RIM then announced that they will be aiding the authorities in helping to track down the organizers of the riots/looting, but in response they got their website hacked by a group/individual who felt that generalizing everyone who used BBM during the riots was unfair. 

Facebook teachers and student "friending" now illegal, in Missouri
In an effort to prevent student-teacher relationships from developing, the state of Missouri’s governor has just put into effect a law that makes it illegal for teachers to directly communicate with students, regardless of whether they’re still under their tutelage or not. Here’s what the law states:“Teachers cannot establish, maintain or use a work-related website unless it is available to school administrators and the child’s legal custodian, physical custodian or […]

Sites that link to illegal files are legal in Spain
Anybody here a fan of “music blogs”? Yeah, those websites that post links to file sharing websites like Mega Upload or Rapidshare for people to download music illegally for free. No you don’t have to answer the question, but in the future it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of those sites – provided those webmasters decide to host them in Spain. According to the latest reports online, […]

Frontier Communications Sues Google Over Google Voice Patent Dispute
While the opening of Google Voice to the general public is certainly good news for folks out there, it seems that Google is about to get embroiled into another legal battle, as Frontier Communications has filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming that it’s infringing on patents related to voice services. The claim is that Google Voice uses technology related to a patent for a single dial-in number that can […]

San Francisco passes cellphone radiation law
The people of San Francisco will soon fall under a new cellphone radiation law that requires retailers to post notices on how much radiation is emitted by cellphones they sell. This is touted to be the first kind in the United States, although those in the cellphone industry claim that it could very well impede sales and mislead consumers into believing some phones are safer than others. What’s your take […]