It seems that during the London riots, groups of looters were organized through the use of RIM’s Blackberry Messenger service. RIM then announced that they will be aiding the authorities in helping to track down the organizers of the riots/looting, but in response they got their website hacked by a group/individual who felt that generalizing everyone who used BBM during the riots was unfair. 

It seems that security has stepped up and the government has brought in the big guns with MI5 and GCHQ, an electronic interception center. This is partly due to the fact that RIM has done such a good job with their data encryption, that authorities were having a hard time trying to crack the messages being sent via BBM, and thanks to the BBM pins, technically even RIM can’t access or read the messages that are sent over its network, or so they claim.

GCHQ will be using their computers and listening devices to pick up audio messages and BBM communications, while MI5 and the police work to identify the owners with the help of mobile companies and internet service providers. Intercepted electronic and phone messages will be identified as to where they have been sent from and their destination.

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