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LeapFrog Epic Is A 7 Inch Customizable Tablet For Kids
In a survey conducted in partnership with Kelton, a major global insights company, about the technology habits of parents and kids LeapFrog found that 91 percent of parents say their kids aged 3-8 use a mobile device and that 98 percent of parents want their kids to use technology for education. With this in mind the company developed LeapFrog Epic, an Android powered 7 inch tablet that offers a customizable […]

LeapFrog's LeapTV Is A Gaming Console Aimed At Kids
While LeapFrog might not necessarily be a brand we would think of when it comes to tablets and gaming consoles, they do have a market, and their market is usually targeted at kids. For example we’ve seen the company launch tablets and wearables aimed at children, and it looks like LeapFrog could be taking on console makers with their LeapTV.The console, which is keeping in trend with LeapFrog’s other products, […]

LeapPad 3 & LeapPad Ultra XDI Kids Tablets Announced
There are some who might question the logic in giving a child a tablet, but we guess better they play with their own tablet than risk damaging your more expensive one, right? Not to mention children tablets usually come with safety features that allows kids to browse the web safely and under supervision, so that’s a lot of parents’ minds.That being said, the folks at LeapFrog have recently unveiled a […]

LeapFrog Announced the LeapBand Wearable Activity Tracker for Kids
LeapFrog, the company that designs electronic gadgets for kids is jumping in the wearable bandwagon. Leapband is a smart watch for kids that helps them stay active and learn healthy habits by taking care of their own virtual pet.During my briefing, I was told that kids love to wear a band or a watch, which makes the task to engage them with such a gadget easier. The activity tracker comes […]


LeapFrog LeapPad2 Power Tablet
Children also want their very own tablet to use in order to emulate dad and mom, but certainly getting a high end Apple iPad for a 3 year old is out of the question? After all, he or she might just treat it like any other toy after being bored – by throwing it on the floor, and woe to your iPad should it land on concrete, marble, or other […]

LeapPad Ultra Hands-On Review [Kids Tablet]
LeapFrog is betting that "content is king" and so far. The company says that its LeapPad tablet has access to 800+ apps/books/movies that are especially tailored for kids by a large team of people specialized in this particular field

LeapFrog LeapPad2 now comes in green, pink and a special Disney Princess bundle
There is just this thing about Disney and princesses, don’t you think so? Well, here we are with the LeapFrog LeapPad2 that is available in green, pink and a special Disney Princess bundle, where LeapFrog has high hopes for the LeapPad2 to usher in the next generation of childrens‘ learning tablets, and intend to accomplish this by delivering additional features as well as an extensive library that is filled to […]

LeapsterGS from LeapFrog helps you edutaint your kid
I would suppose that most kids and teens do not mind owning a PS Vita or a Nintendo 3DS, but if you are a parent who wants to take into account every single penny that you have spent in good stead, getting a dedicated portable gaming console for your little one might not be the best choice, but rather, you would want to look from the edutainment (entertainment and education, […]

LeapFrog LeapPad 2 and Leapster GS get hardware refresh
Vehicle models do receive a design refresh once every few years in order to keep up with the times, and the same applies to consumer electronics. It makes perfect sense, and parents who want to educate their little ones using tablets can ditch the idea of an expensive iPad in the hands of a toddler, but rather, look towards what LeapFrog offers – case in point, the LeapPad 2 and […]

LeapFrog LeapPad pre-sale units sold out in two weeks
Remember the LeapPad educational tablet designed for kids? Who would’ve thought it would sell like hot cakes? Well LeapFrog Enterprises, the company behind the LeapPad tablet has just announced that the LeapPad that became available for pre-sale at major retail websites on June 29th has officially been sold out. If you’d like to get your hands on one of these nifty tablets, you would have to wait until late August […]

LeapFrog LeapPad upgraded to tablet status
We have covered stories concerning devices for kids from LeapFrog before, and here we have an upgraded LeapPad which has been turned into a kids’ tablet. What was once a book-like device that sports several interactive elements, the latest upgrade will “transform” said device into a tablet. With a 5″ display, the next-generation LeapPad will let those aged 4 to 9 have their very own tablet experience without running the […]

LeapFrog brings tablet computing to kids with LeapPad Explorer
It’s no surprise that tablets are rapidly turning from a niche computing device into something that’s owned by everyone, and LeapFrog are embracing this fact by bringing the device to kids. They have just announced the LeapPad Explorer – a multifunctional learning tablet that aids kids in learning, digital reading, and personal creativity. The LeadPad works just like an “adult tablet” except that it comes preloaded with edutainment apps aimed […]

Leapfrog Leapster2 Console Toy Story 3 Edition
Do you think children should get into the gadget habit when they’re still young? The folks over at Leapfrog probably do, as the manufacturer of interactive toys for children has just announced a new limited edition of its Leapster2 console, dressing the device up in a Toy Story 3 theme. Aside from the decal, the device will also come with a Toy Story 3 game download, exclusive to folks who […]