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Yoga 9: Tip of The Spear Consumer Laptops at Lenovo
Coming in 14-inch or 15-inch display sizes depending on the model, the new Yoga 9 series is Lenovo’s high-end offering to consumers for the holidays. The $1399+ Yoga 9i will replace the excellent Lenovo Yoga C940 which we previously reviewed. The $1599+ Yoga Slim 9i / IdeaPad Slim 9i is a new 14-inch ultra-thin design

Lenovo Yoga C940 ReviewEditor's Pick
The Yoga C940 is Lenovo’s flagship consumer laptop in the thin & light category. Designed to handle any multimedia and even Creative workloads, it features the latest Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors and is configurable for battery longevity or top-notch display quality, depending on one’s needs.

Lenovo Yoga C740 and C640 Launched @ IFA
Built as a “Productivity” laptop, the Yoga C740 also comes in 14” and 15” versions. As you can imagine, the 15.6” version has a little bit more battery life, but with only an estimated 1.3 hours more, it may not make that big of a difference to buyers who will likely choose based on size.

Lenovo Yoga S740: For Creators
Lenovo and other PC OEMs have caught on the rising tide of creators, and the Yoga S740 is designed for them, with a great performance/price ratio that includes a discrete GPUs for intensive tasks such as video effects and compression. The Yoga S740 comes in 14” and 15.6”, and unsurprisingly the larger one is the most powerful one.


Lenovo X1 Yoga Review (2016)
 Introduced a while ago, the ThinkPad X1 Yoga has shipped for some time. We have waited to have both the LCD and OLED options before publishing this review. In our initial coverage of the X1 Yoga, it was evident that the only 14-inch OLED laptop display should be given a chance of proving itself in the real world. The X1 Yoga is Lenovo’s latest thin & light business laptop that continues a successful series built to […]

Lenovo Yoga 510 14-inch, 15-inch Laptops Announced
Back in the day, having a laptop that sports the ability to game usually meant that you’d have to sacrifice mobility for something large and clunky. Fast forward to today, that might still hold true for higher-end gaming laptops, but laptops that can do decent amounts of gaming have slimmed down considerably.

Lenovo Yoga 710 11-inch, 14-inch Laptops Announced
If you’re shopping about for new laptops, Lenovo has you covered as they have announced the Lenovo Yoga 710. These laptops come in two sizes, 11-inches and 14-inches, and while they might share the same name, they pack very different specs. So if you are after something simple and portable, the 11-inch model will do the trick.

Lenovo YOGA 900 Laptop: Uber-Thin & Powerful
Lenovo just announced its next-generation YOGA laptop with the YOGA 900, a direct successor of the Yoga 3 Pro that was its thinnest laptop for 2015. The new YOGA 900 ultra-thin laptop is 14.9mm thick and weighs about 2.8 Lbs – according to Lenovo, this is the thinnest of its category. It is slightly more than the previous model, but Lenovo has made tremendous improvements in both battery capacity and […]

Lenovo Y70 17” Gaming Touch Laptop
There are quite a few gaming laptops out there, and some are quite powerful and somewhat heavy, but few are touch-enabled, especially when they have a big 17” display. The Lenovo Y70 is the first such laptop from Lenovo, and Windows 8 users should appreciate the arrival of the touch option in this line of product from Lenovo.Inside, you will find a fast CPU and GPU combo, namely (up to) […]

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Review
Lenovo introduced its original Yoga back in late 2012, which we were impressed with its ability to create an ultrabook that is able to have multiple functions, such as its ability to be used as a tablet or a stand. Since then, Lenovo re-introduced its Yoga as the Yoga 2 Pro, which improved on many of the ultrabooks internal specs, such as including Intel’s new 4th-generation Haswell processor, offering a […]

Lenovo Yoga Tablet Review
Lenovo has built a number of Android tablets in the past, so it was logical to expect some kind of hardware update at this time of the year. Instead, we saw the introduction of a completely new line of product, with a new design language with a clear objective in mind: target the most common tablet use cases and extend the battery life for those by up to 2X while […]