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LG gram 14 2-in-1 Review (2019)Editor's Pick
One of the rare ultralight laptops that can pass several military ruggedness certifications but it is not without tradeoffs

LG G8 ThinQ ReviewEditor's Pick
Like clockwork, LG is releasing its 2018 flagship high-volume smartphone: the LG G8 ThinQ. Designed to address high-end usage, but at competitive prices, the LG G-Series has found itself somewhere between the premium market (sub-$600) and the upper high-end market (~800+). Let’s look at what the LG G8 is, and how it performs.

LG V40 ThinQ ReviewEditor's Pick
The LG V40 camera system introduces an unprecedented combined range of 16-52 mm that makes it the most flexible mobile camera to date

LG G7 ReviewEditor's Pick
After our initial look at the LG G7 ThinQ (we’ll call it LG G7) we had time to look at several firmware updates and test it with the latest firmware available to customers. We also had face to face time with LG engineers and product marketing personnel who contributed to building this phone. They provided invaluable information and insight into the goals, challenges, and results of all the work that lead […]


LG Q6 Review
The LG Q6 was released in July 2017 and was initially geared towards the entry-level market. At publishing time, the LG Q6 had not yet been officially priced in the USA. However, this product was designed to compete in the ~200-250 USD range. I’m not sure how to call that (lower-mid-range?) but keep in mind that many products will move positioning as their price decreases over time.With that price in […]

LG V30 ReviewEditor's Pick
#IFA2017 – As we head into the holiday season, most companies will complete their line of products to compete. The LG V30 is the 3rd generation of LG V-Series handset, a line of product that is designed for power users and the creative types. While the LG G6 aims to please the largest number of people, the LG V30 specifically targets those who go off the path, taking time to […]

LG G6 ReviewEditor's Pick
The LG G6 is the first handset to use a wider 18:9 (or 2:1) aspect ratio that allows for a larger screen without impacting the general grip of the phone. If the rumors are correct, both Samsung and Apple will introduce a similar screen size later this year. LG’s overall theme for the G6 is simplicity, reliability, user experience and value to the user. From the industrial design to most other decisions […]

LG V20 Review
At long last, the LG V20 has officially launched. With leaks starting back in mid-July and LG starting to tease the device in late August there was a good hype build up around it. Most of the rumors (not all) turned out to be true, and the first image leaks were accurate. We now had the device on hand and were able to form an opinion based on a short, real-world […]

LG G Watch Review
LG has been teasing us with its Watch for a while, but it was finally announced and demonstrated during Google IO. We have been using one ever since we posted our first impressions and the goal for this review if to give you a good sense for how it feels to use one in the real-world for a couple of weeks. As you know, LG has chosen to align their […]

LG G3 Review
The LG G3 is the culmination of LG’s 2 years winning-run in the Android market. As the tip of the spear of LG’s smartphone line, the G3 brings its share of high-impact features, and it is undeniable that its 2560×1440 5.5″ display will set the pace for the reminder of the year. The G3 design was built with the goal of providing users with more screen real estate, while at […]

LG G Pro 2 Review
At Mobile World Congress, LG was demonstrating  the G Pro 2, its latest large-display smartphone (aka “phablet”) that represent its tip of the spear for this category for some time, possibly until the next G Flex comes out.The LG G Pro 2 builds on the software progress that was made with the LG G2, and pushes the boundaries in two main areas: First, the camera has received an upgrade and […]

LG G Flex Review
Late 2013 was certainly interesting as handset manufacturers started to utilize the inherent flexibility of OLED display technology. By nature, OLED is made of a plastic, so it much more prone to be flexible than LCD technology which requires a flat glass surface to work. In reality, it’s more complicated than that, but the fact is: curved or flexible phones have arrived, thanks to that display technology.Now, it is important […]