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LG G5, LG V20 Will No Longer Receive Security Updates
If you’re the owner of either the LG G5 or LG V20, it might be time to start considering upgrading your phones to a newer model. This is because according to LG’s Security Bulletin (via XDA), it appears that both the LG G5 and LG V20 are no longer listed on the page. This means that neither handset will be receiving future Android security updates.

LG V20 And Q6 Receive Android 8.0 Oreo
LG is now rolling out the Android 8.0 Oreo update to the LG V20 and Q6. You might be wondering why Oreo now that Android 9 Pie is out but then again, LG’s track record with swift updates isn’t something to boast about. It has been trying to do a better job of rolling out updates, though, and that has resulted in Oreo being rolled out for these devices.

Sprint LG V20 Gets Its Android 8.0 Oreo Update
The LG V20 came out in 2016. Like almost all Android smartphones, the handset was guaranteed to receive two years of major Android releases. Android 8.0 Oreo will be the final platform update that this handset gets. LG started rolling it out for the V20 some time back and Sprint is finally seeding it to LG V20 owners on its network.

LG Q8 Is A Smaller, Waterproof Version Of The LG V20
Given that phones these days vary more in features and design rather than specs, sometimes it’s not surprising to see companies “recycle” certain hardware specs for newer devices. A good example would be the recently announced LG Q8 which based on its specs, sounds like it is essentially a smaller, waterproof version of the LG V20.


LG V30 IFA Media Event Confirmed
#IFA2017 – We have confirmation that LG will hold a media event in Berlin on Thursday, Aug 31 at 09h00 am local time. Although the invitation card does not name what product will be unveiled, the “V” letter seen in the background leaves little doubt that the LG V30 is just around the corner.The LG V-Series has been designed to cater to power-users, and the LG design team that is […]

Sprint Giving The LG V20 A 50% Discount Until The End Of 2016
The LG V20 is a pretty great device from LG and continues the tradition of the V-series from 2015. In fact based on reviews, reception to the LG V20 appears to be slightly more favorable than the LG G5, which some felt was a tad gimmicky due to the modular nature of the phone. So if the LG V20 is a phone you’ve been eyeing, you might be interested in […]

The Number Of Note 7s In The Wild Exceed That Of The LG V20
As you might have heard, Samsung is doing everything they can to get customers to return the Note 7 either for a refund or for an exchange to another Samsung handset. However there are still plenty of customers out there who for some reason are still holding onto their devices, and this number is pretty shocking.

LG V20 Bootloader Unlock Tool Supports 'U.S. Open Market'
LG doesn’t provide an official bootloader unlock method for all smartphones that it makes so the ones that do are special in their own way. The official bootloader unlock tool makes it very easy for users to make advanced customizations to their handset without having to employ workarounds to achieve the same result. Users in the United States will be happy to find out that the LG V20 bootloader unlock […]

LG V20 Durability: How It Was Designed To Survive Drops
The number of interesting phones with an emphasis on durability is relatively low, and the market shows that people will often rather have a relatively fragile phone, than deal with the aesthetics of a “rugged” device. But what if you could have a business-style phone which is designed for maximum durability without looking like a plastic-encased phone? The LG V20 was created to achieve just that, and we can look […]

LG V30 Rumored To Ditch Secondary Display For Something Better
LG has tried to set itself apart in the high-end smartphone market by launching the V series. The V10 was the first handset in this series to feature a secondary ticker display above the main screen. LG has stuck to this implementation with the V20 as well but if a new rumor is to be believed, the company is going to go in a different direction by replacing the secondary […]

Over 200,000 LG V20 Units Sold In The U.S.
The V20 is a bonafide new flagship smartphone from LG and it has some breathing space given that it’s primary competitor, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, has literally gone up in flames. The only real new flagship handset that the V20 is going up against is the iPhone 7 which was also launched about a month ago. LG has taken this opportunity to highlight that its new flagship is off to […]

Will The LG V20 Kill Hi-Res Digital Audio Players?
With the rise of smartphones the MP3 player market tanked after peaking in 2009 (2 years after the iPhone’s introduction), and has entered a steady decline since. This is evident just looking at the declining historical sales trend of the iPod, which is the most successful mass-market MP3 player. During that time, a high-end collection of (very) expensive audio players had found refuge in a “high-end” niche market – until now. With […]

Google Pixel XL VS LG V20 In Speed Test
The Google Pixel XL is one of two phones that Google has recently released. It is Google’s latest smartphone effort and it comes packing the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset, the latest chipset from Qualcomm which offers improvements over its predecessor, the Snapdragon 820 which has found its way into many a flagship phone in 2016.

LG V20 S Name Trademarked In Europe
The LG V20 is a remarkable device. It is the successor to last year’s LG V10 and it seems that the company has found some success with the handset. Many reviews of the phone have been largely positive, and one of its killer aspects would be its camera which seems to hold up pretty well against the competition.