Unlocked LG V20 Release Expected By Early Next Month

LG’s latest flagship smartphone can only be purchased from mobile carriers in the United States at this point in time, but the company is going to sell the unlocked and off-contract version at some point in the future. Previously, it wasn’t confirmed when LG is going to do this but it now appears that the unlocked LG V20 is going to be released in the United States early next month.

LG V20 Quad DAC: How Does It Work?

Launched in fanfare in early September 2016, the LG V20 (read our complete LG V20 Review) has the most powerful audio hardware in the smartphone space today. Smartphones are starting to push further into high-end audio features and this is not something that most people are familiar with. There were previous “premium audio” handsets such as the HTC 10 or ZTE Axon 7 which featured improved digital to analog converters […]

Some LG V20 Buyers Are Reporting Fragile Camera Glass

These days it seems that camera tech on smartphones is progressing faster than the design of the phone itself, so much so that many OEMs have no choice but to create a phone in which the camera bulges out from the back of the phone whereas before, OEMs were able to keep it flush against the body.

LG V20 Underwent 60,000 Safety Tests Before Mass Production

Normally Apple loves to make subtle little jabs at the competition, whether it be at Android or Samsung, who is possibly Apple’s fiercest rival in the smartphone space to date. However following the recall of the Galaxy Note 7 after reports of explosions, Apple was surprisingly mum on the whole issue.


LG V20 Available On Verizon This Thursday

If you are eyeing the LG V20 as potentially being your next phone, you’ll be pleased to learn that come this Thursday, you will be able to get your hands on the device from Verizon. The handset will be available for purchase via Verizon’s website on the 20th of October, but if you’d rather see the phone in person first, in-store purchases will begin on the 27th of October.

LG V20 Price Confirmed By T-Mobile

Not too long ago T-Mobile confirmed the release date of the LG V20 but didn’t say anything about the pricing at that time. The wait finally ends for those who have been looking forward to picking up the V20 on Magenta. T-Mobile today confirmed the LG V20 price and it’s now taking pre-orders for the handset as well. The carrier is also giving customers an incentive to pick up the […]

Taking The LG V20 Apart in 3mn20s (Video)

Since I’m in Asia this week, it was a good time to stop by LG and meet the people behind the LG V20. We asked one of the LG Engineers working on this project to take a V20 apart to show us how it’s built and what’s inside.

LG V20 Will Be Available From Sprint October 28

For a while it looked as though T-Mobile had the exclusive on the LG V20, but not anymore as Sprint has announced that starting from the 28th of October, they will be offering the LG V20 for sale as well. Pre-sales are expected to begin on the 21st of October so customers who are interested can start putting down some money then via Sprint’s website.

T-Mobile Confirms LG V20 Release Date

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the latest flagship handset from LG you will be interested to know that T-Mobile is going to sell it to you later this month. The carrier confirmed today when it’s going to release the LG V20 on its network. It had previously confirmed that the handset would arrive for its customers by the fall and it’s following through on that promise.

LG V20 Pre-Orders Begin October 2

The LG V20 smartphone will be available for purchase in South Korea starting this week, but its US release has yet to be confirmed. However last we heard, it is expected to be available on the 21st of October which is still some time away. That being said, is it possible that it could be launched earlier than that?

LG V20 Available For Purchase In Korea This Week

Earlier this month, LG took the wraps off the LG V20 handset, but in terms of availability, many were wondering when the device would be going up for sale. The good news is that if you’re living in South Korea, you will be able to purchase the handset starting this week, or to be more specific, it will be going on sale on the 29th of September.

LG V20 Teased On T-Mobile’s Website As ‘Coming Soon’

The LG V20 was revealed this month, but unfortunately availability was not mentioned at its official reveal. Last we heard, the handset was rumored for a release in the US come 21st of October and while we are waiting on that rumor to be true, T-Mobile themselves have launched a teaser page for the upcoming handset.

LG V20 Rumored For October 21 Release

The LG V20 was officially revealed earlier this month, but unfortunately LG did not mention when the phone would be available for purchase. If you’ve read our review and you agree that the LG V20 sounds like quite a promising handset, and you wouldn’t mind getting your hands on it, there is now a date we can look forward to.

LG Is ‘Undecided’ About Releasing V20 In Europe

LG’s latest flagship smartphone for 2016 was unveiled a couple of days ago at an event in San Franciso. The LG V20 builds up very nicely from its predecessor which itself was a rather unique device that came out last year. LG will now focus its energies towards selling this handset but it’s still “undecided” about whether or not it wants to release the V20 in Europe.