Mac computers’ Thunderbolt ports will support optical cables

Instead of following the PC and equipping their computers with USB 3.0 ports, Apple has equipped their Mac computers with Intel’s Thunderbolt standard instead. While there is a possibility that future Macs may adopt USB 3.0, for now it looks like if you’re a Mac user looking for a speedy transfer of data, Thunderbolt is your only option, and if you thought that Thunderbolt’s reported 10Gbps was fast, it looks […]

Sony Vaio Z: Sony’s MacBook Air competitor

The ultralight notebook market is a pretty popular segment to get into these days, and it’s pretty clear that the MacBook Air is doing pretty well, with companies all trying to create the next “MacBook Air” computer. Well, Sony’s latest attempt, the new VAIO Z (check out our review of the previous VAIO Z) sure seems like a pretty worthy competitor. It packs a 13.1″ display, and manages to keep […]

Apple applies for Thunderbolt trademark

Thunderbolt, the new communication standard developed by Apple and Intel was unveiled a few weeks ago, together with the new MacBook Pro computers. Initially it was assumed that Intel was the main party involved in its development, with Apple playing a smaller role. But according Apple’s latest move, it seems to suggest that it might be the other way around instead. Apple has just filed to trademark the name Thunderbolt, […]

Intel Light Peak Connector Tech to Eschew Fiber Optics for Copper in Initial Release

In its initial release, Intel is expected to favor use of copper instead of fiber optics cable in its Light Peak technology. Light Peak is a connector technology that is said to be significantly faster than USB 3.0, driving 10 gigabits of data per second in both directions, can help to replace ports and cables for monitors, external drives, scanners, printers, keyboard and mice, and other peripherals requiring a data […]


Intel Light Peak To Arrive In 2011

You might remember Intel’s Light Peak connectivity option, which is capable of transferring files at a rate of 10Gbps. To make things better, it can also be compatible with a USB 3.0 connector, and considering the popularity of USB, this is certainly great news. Now Intel has confirmed at its Intel Developer Conference (IDF) that it is expecting partners to ship devices to ship with Light Peak support as early […]

Intel Light Peak Made For Apple?

Intel might have unveiled its 10 gigabyte Light Peak connection at IDF, but it looks like things might not be what they seem. Initially pitched at as Intel-made design, recent leaks have indicated that this fiber optic connection is the direct result of talks between Apple founder Steve Jobs and Intel chief Paul Otellini. Rumors indicate that Apple wants a single, high-speed connection standard to replace FireWire, USB and also […]