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Nine iPads Cobbled Together As A Light Source For Photography
Many folks out there are looking to get an iPad, but some folks already have several. So what do you do when you have nine iPads? Well, if you’re a photographer, you could always mount them on several pieces of plywood, max out the brightness on each and use it as a light source for a photo shoot, which is exactly what photographer Jesse Rosten has done. It’s an obvious […]

Concept: To Be Touched Light Switches
The To Be Touched intuitive light controllers from the LivingColors series would look comfortable in any modern home. The models in the range offer simple solutions such as an on/off switch that includes a dimmer. The interesting thing about the design is that the color saturation and the intensity are directly proportionate to the lighting settings chosen. The deep color ring indicates that the lights are at its brightest. It […]

Hamster-powered Light
If you look at hamsters, all they do is eat, sleep and run on the hamster wheel. Maybe you could (literally) make its life a little brighter by allowing the hamster wheel to power a small night light. A recent project added a low RPM alternator to a hamster wheel, allowing the hamster to power its own light source. Magnets were used to pass by a stationary coil in order […]

Soap Light portable lamp
We’ve seen other gizmos made out of soap before, but this one takes the opposite route – the Soap Light is a portable lamp that comes in the design of a soap. You will also find it accompanied by a charger base, and once it is fully charged, the Soap Light can be placed on just about anywhere you like. There are no switches to grapple with since the Soap […]


Concept Compass That Guides You By Light
Do you like finding new stuff and adventure? GPS seems to have taken the fun out of bringing the old compass and map on a hiking trip, don’t you think? Well, if your GPS device is spoiling all the fun, you could always pick up one of these conceptual digital compasses, and ditch your existing GPS device at home. You can configure the location that you want to go through […]

Good Night Lite Shows The Sun And The Moon
Want a light that can reflect the time of day visually? Well, that’s probably the Good Night Lite, which will be portrayed as the Moon at night, and will become the Sun when the morning arrives. It’s 6-inches in diameter, and selling for $34.99. While it probably won’t be too popular for adults, but it would certainly seem like a nice gift to give to folks who have a newborn […]