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Light And Sony Team Up To Improve Smartphone Photography
When it comes to mobile photography, a fact that we’re not sure how many people are aware of is that Sony actually supplies sensors to more than a few smartphone manufacturers. The company’s sensors have proven to be pretty good at what they do, but it seems that Sony isn’t satisfied and is hoping to improve on it.

Light Developing Smartphone With Up To Nine Cameras
If you think that the three rear cameras on the Huawei P20 Pro are excessive, wait till you hear what Light is up to. Light, the company that made the bonkers L16 camera, is now working on a smartphone with multiple cameras. The Washington Post reports that the company has developed a prototype smartphone that has five to nine cameras capable of capturing a 64 megapixel picture.

Startup Light’s L16 P&S Camera Wants To Take On DSLRs
The need for compact cameras is starting to go away. After all our phones can get the job done just fine, plus we won’t need to carry around an extra device. However recently we’ve seen camera manufacturers step things up, like Sony with the RX100 series of compact cameras that manage to fit a 1-inch sensor into its tiny body.While the RX100 series gets the job done and does it […]

Night lights fashioned from vintage cameras
If you’ve got a bunch of vintage cameras that don’t work anymore and are lying around collecting dust, this new project might interest you. A Flickr user named Jason Hull recently went shopping at thrift stores and flea markets, picking up mass produced film cameras and repurposed them into something useful: by turning them into night lights.While no specific instructions were given, the process is basically the same for all […]


HexBright is an open source light
If you’ve always wanted to program your own torch lights, the folks behind HexBright have got the device of your dreams. Called the HexBright, it will come in two models – the regular HexBright Prime that functions as a regular torch light, and the HexBright Flex that gives you the option to program the device.Now you must be thinking – why in the world would I want a programmable light, […]

Mood Light Bulbs make your bedroom look awesome
If you’re tired of the drab, white-colored walls that surround your bedroom and you’re thinking of spicing it up, there are a few ways you can go about it. There’s the labor intensive process of getting the job done with a paintbrush and cans of paint, or you could drag in some interesting looking furniture to make the room look better. Or you could get one of these Mood Light […]

FlyNano plane lets you fly without a license
If you want to have a go at piloting a plane but can’t be bothered to sit through flying lessons (or your flying license has been suspended) there is a way for you to be in the driver’s seat in midair. A Finnish aeronautical engineer, Aki Suokas, recently launched a new single-seat aircraft called the FlyNano this week at Aero Friedrichshafen. The extremely lightweight vehicle is made entirely of carbon […]

Sticky Light lets users interact with a laser beam
The folks over at the University of Tokyo’s Ishikawa Hashimoto Laboratory recently came up with a low-power and potentially low-cost interactive laser display called Sticky Light. It is a device that projects a ball of light onto a surface that can interact with a user in real-time. Made up of a laser diode, steering mirrors and a non-imaging photodetector, this strange contraption makes a real interesting device. It detects lines […]

General Electric hybrid light bulbs start shipping
General Electric’s hybrid halogen-compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs that were announced late last year have started making their way to retailers nationwide. According to the latest reports, these environmental-friendly light bulbs are expected to be available nationwide by April 22 – Earth Day. What makes these light bulbs special is that they take a short time to completely light  up, last longer than regular incandescent bulbs and contain less mercury […]

LED Hat Clip On Lamp lets you see in the dark
When you’re out camping and you haven’t settled down to rest in the middle of the night while still in the woods, you might need a little light to guide your way in the even the sky isn’t bright enough. And while you can hold a torch to guide the way, what do you do when your hands are full? Introducing the 5 LED Hat Clip On Lamp. Powered by […]

Audio Light Bulbs play music and light up the room
Tired of having unsightly wires and ugly speakers taking away the beauty of your living room or bedroom? The folks over at Hammacher Schelmmer recently came up with a solution to the problem. Dubbed the “Audio Light Bulb”, these inconspicuous speakers allow you to light up a room and fill it with your favorite tunes at the same time. All you have to do is plug them into a light […]

The iFlash helps you take photographs with your iPhone in the dark
We all know that the iPhone 4 features a flash to help you take photographs in the dark, but most of the time, the results you get aren’t what you expect. And if we jump back a generation, the 3G and 3GS don’t even have a flash. Well, that’s where the iFlash comes in. This handy little light plugs into the bottom of your iPhone and acts as a flashlight […]

ZTE introduces Light2 Android tablet
ZTE has just unveiled a new Android tablet that will be released later this year. The Android tablet will be called Light2 and will be the successor to their first tablet, Light. This time around it packs a 7″ (800 x 480) capacitive display, and a 1GHz processor. It will run Android 2.2 and should have other improved specs over its predecessor that packed a 3 megapixel camera as well […]

M-Edge Executive Jacket protects your Kindle and lets you read it in the dark
Looking for a “professional-looking” case to protect your Amazon Kindle eBook reader, there are many different cases for you to choose from, but how many of them increase the functionality of the device? Sure, there are cases that can hold notes and a pen for you to write things, but can they light up your Kindle so it’s readable in the dark? M-Edge’s Executive Jacket does just that. It keeps […]

Rayovac brings indestructible torchlight on a nationwide tour
Rayovac has just announced a nationwide tour where they will be showing off their new torchlight. Called the Indstructible Tour, Rayovac will be hitting different states around the US and showing off just how indestructible their torch light is. The Indestructible light has a body made from aluminum and titanium, and pack a set of LED lights with a brightness of 100-150 lumens. The torchlight is built to withstand 30-foot […]

Green Lantern Power Battery lights up the dark
When movies are about to hit the big screen, you can expect tie-in merchandise to start flooding the market, and even more so when it is a superhero movie. DC’s upcoming Green Lantern movie just got a new addition to its merchandise line up. The Green Lantern Power Battery Prop Replica has just been made for Green Lantern fanboys out there. Shaped exactly like the one used in the movie, […]

Make your room look like the night sky with moon and star shaped light bulbs
If you’re bored of regular-shaped light bulbs adorning the walls or ceiling of your room, this designer clip-on lamp from Veilleuse d’Orient might be right up your alley. Instead of a the usual, boring light bulb shape you’ve come to know from light bulbs you’ve seen before, the clip-on lamp features a light with a custom-designed filament of a crescent-shaped moon with a star attached. Probably not very practical if […]

Tama-Robo rolls towards the light
If creating Mousey the Junkbot is too much hassle for you (I know it was to me) you can give the Tama-Robo a go. This cute little robot comes in a round see through ball that allows it to move all over the place with ease. And where does it move to? To the brightest source of light, of course. Paired with a torch light in a suitably-lit area, you […]

Panasonic’s Everleds are the light bulbs of the future
Panasonic has just unveiled a new type of light bulb made using LEDs instead of the traditional filaments found in today’s light bulbs. The new bulbs, named “Everleds”, can give the same lighting effect that has been difficult to reproduce with LED lamps until now. These LED lights come in two colors (daylight and incandescent) and can be easily controlled to give a different effect such as “relaxation mode”, “study […]

Yantouch Jelly lamps help to set the mood of your room
[CES 2011] Remember the Yantouch JellyFish lamp reported back in 2009? Well at CES this year, the Taiwanese company has turned up at the event with even more awesome Jelly lamps on display. The JellyFish Black is a table lamp with a small touch panel that allows you to control its colors, brightness, and speed. The lamp displays up to 16 million colors so you know you’ll always be able […]