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Feelloo by Ubiscale, Stylish and Tiniest Cat Medallion with GPS
Every year at CES, we see a galore of pet technology, including tons of trackers. What sets Felloo apart from the typical GPS-enabled collar is its tiny size and its stylish design. Most well-rated cat and dog GPS trackers are bulkier and ugly, so it had to take a French Tech startup to make cats fashionable while ensuring their safety.

Alps Alpine Indoor Positioning For Drones
Alps Alpine has been working on an indoor navigation system that would enable a very precise location acquisition, good enough to let autonomous drones fly accurately and safely for monitoring missions, among other things.

Huawei Locator GPS Tracking Device Announced
#IFA18 – We’ve all been guilty of misplacing our bags, wallets, keys, and more. However thanks to technology these days, we are able to better keep track of them. Huawei has also announced the launch of the Huawei Locator, which is a device that can help with that. It is a location beacon device that will support a bunch of global navigation system standards, such as GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and […]

Singapore GovTech Hive: Government-Driven Innovation for Better Services
In May 2017, Singapore GovTech and IMDA invited me on a press tour that aims at showcasing the best innovations driven by government agencies in Singapore.Singapore has a long tradition of government-led initiatives when it comes to developing infrastructure or high-tech innovation, one of the most important and recent one is “Smart Nation” launched in 2014, probably inspired by the “Start-up Nation” a.k.a. Israel, a term coined by the book […]


MAPS.ME, Crowd-Sourced Mobile Map App Launches Walking Directions
MAPS.ME is a free offline maps and navigation application for iOS and Android that was first  launched as Maps With Me in 2010 and acquired by last November.Today, MAPS.ME launched its Walking Directions feature, that allows hikers as well as urban users to find the best way to reach their destination.According to founder Yury Melnichek, MAPS.ME is the best visualization application for mobile for open location data provided by OpenStreetMap, […]

LightBug Solar Powered GPS Tag
There are plenty of trackers already available in the market today. For the most part they tend to rely on Bluetooth in order to detect where the tracker is and when it might go out of range. However once it’s out of range, some trackers basically stop tracking and it’s really anyone’s guess as to where it might have gone.This is a problem the LightBug wants to solve. The LightBug […]

TomTom Go Series with TomTom Traffic
TomTom has already updated its GPS lineup Go series in Europe back in April and today, the company launched the new TomTom Go Series with TomTom Traffic in the US.The most significant update is the total re-thinking and re-design of the user interface, and from the screen shots I saw, it looks really promising: everything looks sleeker and nicer, the color scheme is much more harmonious and all the information […]

O'Reilly Where - The Art and Business of Location - April 2-4, 2012, San Francisco
Now in its 8th year, the O’Reilly Where Conference is where the grassroots and leading-edge developers building location-aware technology intersect with the businesses and entrepreneurs seeking out location apps, platforms, and hardware to gain a competitive edge. Where Conference presents leading trends rather than chasing them. Immerse yourself in three full days of hands-on training, information-rich sessions, and an Expo Hall filled with the key players and products. Where’s topics […]

Magellan Switch and Switch-up
[CES 2012] Magellan Switch is a GPS watch for runners and multisport practitioners, and an optional Multisport Mounting Kit accessory allows mounting on a bike. The device features a 1.26” high resolution display with a black background and gray letters for better readability in direct sunlight, it tracks location and distance, records speed/ pace and elevation thanks to a high precision GPS receiver that enables 3-5 meters of accuracy.In case […]

Magellan RoadMate RV9145
[CES 2012] The Magellan RoadMate RV9145 is an entry-level GPS dedicated to RVs. The GPS boasts an extra-wide high-resolution 7” transmissive display, designed for low light conditions, either 2D or 3D viewing; automatic re-routing, OneTouch and compatibility with external devices such as a back-up camera, DVD player, or iPod that can be utilized via the A/V input.On the software side, you will find a convenient Good Sam Trailer Life RV […]

Tingle: Mobile Dating App To Launch in The US
Tingle is a popular iPhone dating application in Canada that combines realtime voice chat, location-based discovery, and online matchmaking features. Location-based dating service are more common right now, one good example is Skout.According to the developer, Tingle offers enhanced safety  features such as free Voice Chat over 3g or WiFi that prevents the need to exchange phone number s and location-based spontaneous discoveries without revealing users’ specific location data to […]

Norton Anti-Theft Protects Lost Mobile Devices
Symantec launched Norton Anti-Theft, a web-based service that enables people to remotely lock, locate and retrieve lost or stolen mobile devices. There are many similar products on the market, such as Find My iPhone by Apple, GadgetTrak, AccuTracking, SeekDroid that use location-based software or StuffBak and TrackitBack that use a coded recovery label placed on the device. AT&T now offers the Mobile Locate app in its Mobile Protection Pack and […]

Microsoft sued after collecting WP7 location data without permission
Apple was on the receiving end of some heavy handed flak for their location-based tracking services, and Microsoft might be walking in their shoes right now after a recent class action lawsuit that was filed in a Seattle district court claims that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system also collects users’ location data, and to make matters more intringuiing – this happens despite users being given the chance to opt […]

TomTom GO LIVE 1535M With Travel Apps and Twitter
The market have been tough for GPS makers since smartphones are doing the same job by integrating efficient location technologies and offering a broad choice of navigation applications. Even TomTom has its own iPhone app that has been recently updated (version 1.8- June 2011) to include TomTom HD Traffic compatibility; TomTom HD traffic is available via in-App purchase for  $19.99.At Ubergizmo, we have predicted that more and more devices will […]

Moby: Private Location Sharing App with Battery Life Optimization
Moby is Foursquare or Google Latitude for families: it is a totally private location-sharing service. Parents can see where their kids are (in real-time) on a map, and the alert button allows users to request help with a quick tap. The app will then send notifications to pre-determined contacts regarding the users’ location and need for assistance. This service is useful for coordinating friends or family meet-ups and for ensuring […]

MoBubble: the location based Craigslist
Fans of Craigslist will probably find this upcoming app from MoBubble pretty useful. Called MoBubble, is essentially an app-based version of Craigslist that works based on the location you’re in. Users advertise their goods or services based on where they’re currently situated (the app makes use of location tracking), to make it easier for people to locate where they are.In addition to being able to list your goods or services, […]

TinyChat launches location-based video group chat
TinyChat, the world’s fastest-growing video group chat portal has just announced the launch of location-based video group chat feature on its service. Users of the chat service now have the ability to set their current location so that they can video chat with people in their area. This means that with the function enabled, you’ll only be chatting to people within a 10-mile radius of where you are and still […]

Junaio 2.5: AR Mobile Browser New Version Released
We published about Junaio Augmented Reality mobile browser when metaio, the developer, launched the v 2.0 in March at SXSW. From the press release, we know that Junaio 2.5 features an “improved graphical user interface, easier channel navigation and pinpoint geographic filtering”.

Loopt Revamped iPhone App with Pulse Feature
[SXSW] At SXSW, I met with Sam Altman, co-founder and CEO, of Loopt, a location-based social networking site, and he showed me the new Loopt app for the iPhone. Loopt introduced its new Pulse button that allows SXSW attendees to access a consolidated guide for all the panels, films, bands, and parties going on at SXSW (Pulse! tab > Events) From there users can listen to music clips from the […]

Junaio 2.0: Augmented Reality Browser
[SXSW] Juanio 2.0 is now available in the Apple App Store, the revamped version of the augmented reality browser offers new features such as indoor usage, a new channel concept, web- and user based information channels and an open API for developers. Since the first version launched in November 09 (read the article by Dana Oshiro on RWW), Junaio provides information on point-of-interests (see picture above), the ability to add […]