Lovefilm To Drop Mail Game Rentals In The UK This August 8th

Lovefilm will no longer support mail in game rentals from August 8th onwards.

Sky to launch Now TV tomorrow, will compete with Netflix and LoveFilm

BSkyB has just announced that Now TV, an internet TV service, will be launched tomorrow. The service will compete directly with Netflix and LoveFilm in the UK. Now TV will be available on Macs, PCs, and on select Android devices. More devices will be available in the future including iOS devices as well as video games consoles. Users will be able to select from a catalogue of Sky content which […]

Lovefilm replaces Flash with Silverlight for streaming

With the demise of Flash on mobile platforms as well as for the Smart TV in your living room, it goes without saying that companies which rely on Flash to stream or deliver their data to the masses will need to check out another alternative. Well, Lovefilm has decided that they will no longer use Flash from next year onwards to stream their movies over for your viewing pleasure, but […]

LOVEFiLM now available on Onyx media browsers

LOVEFiLM, the largest European video service that was recently acquired by Amazon, is now available on devices that have the Oregan Onyx media browser. While it wasn’t mentioned which devices would be specifically getting LOVEFiLM, any TV or set top box (STB) that comes with the Onyx media browser should be able to provide access to the video streaming service. This move brings the movie streaming service to a much […]


Samsung brings Lovefilm streaming to UK Blu-ray players

Lovefilm is what the folks over in Europe get instead of Netflix, and is also a company that was recently acquired by Amazon. Now folks over in the UK should be happy to hear that Samsung has announced its intent to include Lovefilm movie streaming as an app on all of its Blu-ray players over in the UK, making things easier for subscribers while helping to make its devices more […]

Amazon acquires LOVEFiLM

Amazon has announced today that they have reached finally acquired LOVEFiLM International Limited. In case you didn’t know, LOVEFiLM is pretty much the equivalent of Netflix in Europe – a subscription entertainment service that allows you to rent movies and games through the mail or streaming on demand. The service is compatible with PCs, internet-enabled TVs and on the PlayStation 3. Amazon’s acquisition of LOVEFiLM gives them a bigger foothold […]

Lovefilm ready to offer console movie streaming in the UK

Those of us living Stateside are actually spoilt for choice when you think about it – we have Netflix that streams blockbuster movies right into our living rooms via a video game console. Of course, things could be looking up for folks living across the Atlantic, thanks to a top executive at Lovefilm who let it known that it’s “excited” about what the latest generation of consoles are capable of, […]