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Possible Lumia 2520 Spotted On GFXBench With QHD Display
In an earlier report, Microsoft confirmed that they would no longer be manufacturing the Nokia Lumia 2520 Windows RT tablet. This led to many to believe that the Windows RT platform could be dead as Microsoft chooses to focus on their upcoming Windows 10 platform instead. However is it possible that a new tablet could be in the works?According to a recent sighting on GFXBench (via NPU), a mysterious tablet […]

Microsoft No Longer Manufacturing Nokia Lumia 2520
A report from last week revealed that Microsoft had ceased the production of the Surface 2 tablet, which left many wondering could that be it for the Windows RT platform? Could Microsoft be simply preparing a newer and better Windows RT hardware? Unfortunately that does not appear to be the case as Microsoft has killed of the Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet as well.The Lumia 2520 was the first tablet from […]

T-Mobile Lists Lumia 2520 Tablet In Its Business Guide
At Nokia World last year the company unveiled its Lumia 2520 tablet. It was Nokia’s last tablet before the company’s hardware and services division was acquired by Microsoft. While its unclear if there will ever be a successor to the Lumia 2520, since Microsoft already has a tablet lineup of its own, we’ve been curious about the Lumia tablet landing on T-Mobile. It was rumored once and now it has been […]

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 2520 Spotted By @evleaks
It was just recently that we talked about how whispers swirled around the possibility of seeing the Nokia Lumia 2520 Windows-powered tablet arrive on T-Mobile, and what you see above here from @evleaks is a purported snapshot of said tablet. Sure, this might be a device that is close to its first birthday (one quarter short actually), and it does beg the question – does it have enough legs to […]


Nokia Lumia 2520 Coming To T-Mobile Soon [Rumor]
Nokia unveiled its first Windows-based tablet late last year called the Lumia 2520. Early reviews praised the tablet’s build quality and even its specifications were good enough to make it a bona fide competitor to some of the most popular tablets available in the market. If a new rumor is to be believed then T-Mobile might soon be launching the Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet on its network. The leak shows that this […]

Microsoft Offering Amazon Gift Cards To Affect Lumia 2520 Customers
It was back in 2013 that Nokia announced their first Windows RT tablet, the Nokia Lumia 2520. Based on many reviews, including our own, many seemed to like what Nokia has done with the tablet, but unfortunately this streak of good reviews was marred by safety concerns over the charger of the international version of the tablet.It seems that due to the possibility of the user being electrocuted while using […]

Nokia Lumia 2520 Sales Suspended Due To Electric Shock Concerns
Nokia’s much awaited Windows tablet was released late last year. The Lumia 2520 received good reviews but so far it is not entirely known just how well the tablet has performed in the market. Today Nokia announced that it is suspending the sales of Lumia 2520 in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Russia, Switzerland and the UK. The company discovered that the AC-300 charger it bundles with the tablet may cause an […]

New Nokia Lumia 2520 Ad Is Creeping People Out
When companies create ads for the products they’re trying to sell, most of the time their motive probably isn’t to incite fear in the hearts of their potential customers. Nokia seems to have gone down that road though with the ad for its new tablet, the Lumia 2520. Since the ad was posted online earlier today, it has gained a lot of attention, which does fulfill one aspect of an […]

Nokia 'Illusionist' 8.3 Inch Tablet Reportedly Cancelled
Nokia emerged on the tablet scene a couple of months ago when it unveiled the much rumored Lumia 2520. The tablet has received good reviews up till now, it packs respectable hardware under the hood and features a solid and sturdy build. Once the Lumia 2520 had been announced, rumors began circulating that Nokia had yet another tablet up its sleeve. It was said to be an 8.3 inch tablet […]

Nokia Lumia 2520 Sleep Mode Bug Haunts Users
Nokia announced its first Windows RT tablet, the Lumia 2520, in October. The tablet was recently released and some customers have complained about a sleep mode bug that causes the tablet to become inoperable until the user performs a hard reset. The issue is reportedly being faced by both AT&T and Verizon variants of the device, and quite a lot of users have complained about the exact same issue in […]

Nokia Lumia 2520 Purchase Gets Free Nokia Power Keyboard
If you are still in two minds about picking up the Nokia Lumia 2520, then perhaps it is time you gave our in-depth review a good read before arriving at a purchase conclusion. Assuming you are lusting after this device but somehow or rather, have not managed to pick it up until now, then you will definitely be pleased to hear that Nokia is throwing in a free Nokia Power […]

Nokia Lumia 2520 UK Ad Takes A Swing At The iPad Air
We have seen Nokia consistently take shots at the competition through a variety of mediums. It mocked Apple’s choice of colors for the iPhone 5c by tweeting a picture of its Lumia smartphones with the caption “Imitation is the best form of flattery.” Only recently it took a shot at BlackBerry through Twitter as well. The latest target is the iPad Air, a tablet that the Nokia Lumia 2520 is […]

Nokia Lumia 2520 Review
Back in October, Nokia announced its first Windows RT 8.1 tablet, the Lumia 2520, that would attempt to bring the very best the company has to offer from their line of impressive Windows Phone 8 smartphones to the Windows 8 tablet world. The Lumia 2520 is Nokia’s first foray into the 10.1-inch tablet market as it offers a 1080p IPS display featuring +Gorilla Glass 2 technology, a 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon […]

Nokia Lumia 2520 Arriving On Verizon 21st November
If you were planning on getting your hands on Nokia’s latest Windows tablet, the Lumia 2520, you might be interested to learn that Verizon has officially announced the tablet’s availability for the 21st of November, a day ahead of AT&T’s own offering which is set for the 22nd of November. The tablet will be priced for $499 but if you don’t mind being tied down to a contract with Verizon, […]