nokia-lumia-2520-review-9It was back in 2013 that Nokia announced their first Windows RT tablet, the Nokia Lumia 2520. Based on many reviews, including our own, many seemed to like what Nokia has done with the tablet, but unfortunately this streak of good reviews was marred by safety concerns over the charger of the international version of the tablet.

It seems that due to the possibility of the user being electrocuted while using the charger for the Lumia 2520, Nokia quickly issued recalls and halted the sales of the tablet in the countries in which it was affected. For the most part Nokia did a good job at handling the situation, but now that Microsoft has taken over, they have taken things one step further and have offered affected users an 80 GBP Amazon voucher for their troubles.

It’s an interesting move by Microsoft since we’re sure that offering an 80 GBP for the Windows Store would have been better for the company, but we guess Amazon has more choices in terms of products compared to the Windows Store, so at the very least if affected customers don’t want something related to Microsoft, they have the option of shopping on Amazon for something completely unrelated, like clothes, cookware, and etc.

In any case if you are one of the users who have been affected by this charger issue and have registered for support, you should be receiving an email from Microsoft in the near future with the redemption code that you can use on Amazon. Good guy Microsoft!

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