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Lumia 530 Now Available From Microsoft And Best Buy
If you’re in the market for an affordable smartphone and you’re not too fussed with the operating system, you might be interested to learn that the Lumia 530 from T-Mobile will now be available for purchase via Microsoft’s online store or Best Buy. The handset has been priced at a very affordable $69.99 without a contract, so if you’re looking for a spare or just want to give the Windows […]

Lumia 530 T-Mobile Launch Confirmed
T-Mobile today confirmed that it will soon be offering the Lumia 530 to its customers. Starting October 15th new and existing subscribers will be able to purchase the Lumia 530 from T-Mobile. This smartphone is the successor of the popular Lumia 521 which performed particularly well on Magenta, in fact that carrier calls it “one of the best-selling Windows Phone EVER at T-Mobile.”

Nokia Lumia 530 Gets Buy 1, Free 1 Offer In The UAE
Earlier this July, Microsoft made an announcement of what looked to be the cheapest Windows Phone device ever released, in the form of the Nokia Lumia 530. This particular smartphone carried a recommended retail price of a mere €85 or $115 over in the U.S., being the latest entry level device which was positioned a wee bit lower than the larger sized Lumia 630. What makes this particular story all […]

Lumia 530 Coming To T-Mobile
For the past few weeks there have been rumors that Microsoft would soon announce a successor to the popular Lumia 520 smartphone. Today it did just that. Microsoft announced Lumia 530 earlier today, this device happens to be the cheapest Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone on the market. Given the Lumia 520’s phenomenal success there’s no surprise in seeing Microsoft trying to replicate that performance. Soon after the official announcement T-Mobile […]


Nokia Lumia 530 Is Microsoft's Attempt At Budget Smartphones
Just yesterday we reported that the Nokia Lumia 530 had been spotted on a Vietnamese retailer’s website. We weren’t sure if the retailer was simply listing it as a placeholder, especially since we have been hearing rumors about it for a while, but as it turns out, the retailer might have jumped the gun because Microsoft has officially announced the Nokia Lumia 530.The handset is the successor to the Nokia […]

Nokia Lumia 530 Spotted On Vietnamese Retailer's Website
We have been hearing rumors about the Nokia Lumia 530 for a while now. The handset is said to be the successor to the Nokia Lumia 520, a handset that does not have the best specs, but has managed to become one of the best selling Windows Phone handsets to date. We can only assume that Microsoft is hoping to replicate that success with the Lumia 530.That being said we […]

Alleged Nokia Lumia 530 Photos Leaked
Given how well the Nokia Lumia 520 has performed, we can only imagine that Microsoft/Nokia would want to continue their success by releasing a newer model of the handset that would once again appeal to developing markets, which was where the Lumia 520 experienced most of its success in.Now we have heard the rumors that Nokia could be working on the Lumia 530, which is presumably the successor to the […]

Nokia Lumia 530 Rumored To Arrive On Cricket
A couple of weeks ago, a rumor claimed that a certain Nokia Rise would be making its way onto T-Mobile’s network. However according to a new tweet by @evleaks, the same person who posted the previous rumor, the Nokia Lumia 530 for T-Mobile might now be known as the Nokia Rock.According to his post, he claims that apart from T-Mobile, the Nokia Rock will also be headed onto AT&T by […]

Lumia 530 Possibly Pictured For The First Time
Over the last couple of weeks there have been rumors going around about Microsoft working on a successor to Nokia’s very popular Lumia 520 smartphone. Since the Finnish company’s devices and services business is now owned by Redmond Microsoft will be the one carrying the torch forward. Its believed to be called the Lumia 530 and today a leaked picture might be our very first look at it.

Nokia Rise Could Be T-Mobile's Lumia 530 [Rumor]
Is Nokia working on a successor to the Lumia 520? Presumably that is the case, unless they were planning on having the low-end market dominated by phones like the Moto G and the Moto E. That being said, it was just last week that we caught wind that Nokia could be working on a successor to the Lumia 520 in the form of the Lumia 530.Now according to a post […]

Nokia RM-1027 Spotted On GFXBench, Possibly The Lumia 530
The Nokia Lumia 520 is probably one of Nokia’s most popular and successful Windows Phone devices. It managed to combine an attractive price tag and decent hardware specs, making it a pretty value for money device, much like how the Moto G proved to be a bigger hit than the Moto X.That being said, we expect that Nokia (now owned by Microsoft) will want to continue that success with a […]

Nokia Lumia 530 aka Nokia Rock Coming (Rumor)
For a smartphone company to hold back on new releases to existing models would be pretty weird or strange, considering how competitive this market segment can be these days. Hence, it is not surprising to hear from @evleaks that Nokia is currently working on rolling out a successor known as the Nokia Lumia 530 to the Nokia Lumia 525, which itself was introduced not too long ago as a refresh […]