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Lumia Icon/Lumia 929 Could Soon See A Release Worldwide
A couple of weeks ago, Nokia and Verizon announced the Lumia Icon handset, which at that time was pegged as a Verizon exclusive. Well the good news for those looking to get their hands on te device is that perhaps the exclusivity with Verizon might not be forever after all. According to the folks at TechnoBuffalo, they are claiming that according to their sources, the Lumia Icon will be making […]

Nokia Lumia Icon User Guide Image Leaked
We more or less know that the Nokia Lumia 929, also known as the Lumia Icon from the Finnish smartphone manufacturer, is well on its way to Verizon Wireless. The thing is, the mobile carrier has not been doing too great a job at keeping the Lumia Icon under tabs, as a manual for the smartphone has already been leaked, in addition to the potential launch information as well as […]

Verizon Lumia 929 Might Have Been Delayed Until February
Over the past few months we have heard a lot of rumors about a Verizon exclusive Lumia smartphone. It is expected to be called the Lumia 929, though recent reports suggest that perhaps it might launch as the “Icon,” which is actually considered to be its internal codename. Verizon is yet to confirm this device, and obviously it hasn’t said anything about it up till now. A few days back it […]

Nokia Lumia Icon For Verizon Rumored For 16th January Release
Earlier we had reported on a rumor that the Lumia 929 for Verizon could be rebranded as the Lumia Icon, doing away with the numbered models. Unfortunately apart from that piece of information, we’re still in the dark regarding a possible release time, but thanks to a new theory, it has been suggested that the 16th of January 2014 could be a possible date. This is based on how Verizon […]


Verizon's Lumia 929 Could Be Known As "Lumia Icon"
Word on the street has it that Verizon will be launching a certain Nokia Lumia 929 in the near future, but apparently it will not be known as the Lumia 929, but instead will do away with the model numbers and will simply be known as the Nokia Lumia Icon. This is according to @evleaks who states that the rebranding could be a possibility. It is unclear if this is […]

Nokia Lumia 929 Allegedly Purchased In Mexico
Nokia has reportedly a certain Lumia 929 in the works. We have seen the device leaked and recent accessory listings has suggested that we might see a possible release on the 20th of December. For those who might still be doubting the existence of the device, it seems that one of PhoneArena’s readers has managed to purchase the Lumia 929 over in Mexico, suggesting that there is a good chance […]

Nokia Lumia 929 Accessories Set For 20th December Release
The Nokia Lumia 929 has been leaked multiple times in the past, and the most recent leak we’ve seen is just yesterday where a white version of the handset with Verizon’s logo was spotted. According to the rumors, the handset is expected to make its debut in mid-late December, and now according to retailers, it seems that a release date around the 20th of December might be possible. This is […]

White Nokia Lumia 929 For Verizon Leaked
The Nokia Lumia 929 is definitely not news to us. The handset has been leaked several times in the past, and last we heard it was supposed to be available on Verizon come 21st of November, but given that we’re already in December, well safe to say that date did not pan out. Well thanks to a newly leaked photo, we now have alleged photos of the Nokia Lumia 929 […]

Nokia Lumia 929 Rumored For 21st November Release
It’s been a couple of weeks since we heard about the Nokia Lumia 929 whose leaked photos suggested that the handset would be arriving on Verizon in the near future. Well thanks to recent rumors, it has now been hinted that perhaps the device will be making its way onto Verizon’s network come 21st of November, which looks to be a day earlier than the Lumia 1520 which is pegged […]

Verizon Exclusive Lumia 929 Leaked In All Its Glory
Prior to Nokia World 2013, we heard rumors that apart from the Lumia 1520, Nokia might also announce the Lumia 929. The smartphone was said to have a 5 inch 1,920×1,080 display and it was said to be a Verizon exclusive. Nokia didn’t announce the device at the event though, it is still not known when the Lumia 929 is going to be made official. We’ve seen the device in leaked […]

Nokia Lumia 929 Leaked On Video
Prior to Nokia World 2013, rumors about a number of unannounced devices were going around. One of those devices was the Nokia Lumia 929. Almost all of the rumored devices were officially announced at the event, but the company didn’t even mention the Lumia 929. That’s probably because this device is said to be an exclusive offering to just one carrier in the U.S., but still, people are wondering exactly […]

Nokia Lumia 929 Leaked, Apparently Heading For Verizon
Here we are with yet another leak from the good people over at @evleaks, where they have shown off what does seem to resemble the Nokia Lumia 929 that will be headed for Verizon. Just what kind of smartphone will the Nokia Lumia 929 be? It is more or less a physically less imposing version of the Nokia Lumia 1520 handset, sporting a 5” AMOLED display that delivers 1080 x […]

White Nokia Lumia 929 Press Renders Leaked
Late last month, a press rendering of the Nokia Lumia 929 was leaked online along with its assumed release date of November 6. Nokia’s upcoming phablet device has been rumored for quite some time, and it looks like we have yet another one to throw into the rumor mill as a white version of the Lumia 929 has been leaked.

Verizon Nokia Lumia 929 Reportedly Launching On November 6th
Only recently Nokia revealed that it is going to conduct an event on October 22nd. The company is expected to unveil as many as six new devices at that event, one of those devices is said to be a Windows Phone 8 powered phablet called Nokia Lumia 1520. Both AT&T and Verizon are rumored to carry it when it launches. An alleged press rendering of the Verizon Nokia Lumia 929, […]