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Verizon’s Lumia Icon Will Be Upgraded To Windows 10 Mobile
The Nokia Lumia Icon was introduced in 2014 which means as far as smartphones are concerned, it is considered by many to be “old”, which also means that its status as to whether or not it is eligible for upgrades remains to be seen. Last we heard, which was in March this year, there was talk about it being upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile.

Lumia Denim Makes Its Way To Lumia Icon In US
It looks as though being patient surely does have its benefits, although those who would prefer to be an early adopter might find the experience to be frustrating at times. Having said that, Verizon’s Nokia Lumia Icon happens to be a handset that, at long last, will be on the receiving end of the Lumia Denim update for Windows Phone 8.1.

Microsoft Can't Provide 'Firm' Date For Verizon Lumia Icon Denim Update
It was about a month back when Microsoft announced that it was rolling out the much awaited Lumia Denim update for compatible Windows Phone devices. The Verizon exclusive Lumia Icon supports this update but it hasn’t received Denim up till now even though the carrier immediately rolled Denim out for Lumia 822 and Lumia 928 after Microsoft’s announcement. The company is still not in any position to confirm to Lumia […]

Verizon Reportedly Retiring Lumia Icon
You might remember that earlier this year there were a lot of rumors about Verizon receiving an exclusive Windows Phone device. In February the Lumia Icon was exclusively launched on Verizon and it later became in other markets as the slightly modified Lumia 929. A new report suggests that Verizon might be retiring the device even before it has been one full year since it was launched and a tweet from […]


Lumia Icon Power Button Unresponsive After Windows Phone 8.1 Update
Windows Phone 8.1 has yet to be released to the masses. As it stands only a Developer Preview has been released but at the same time, we’re sure more than a fair share of Windows Phone users have downloaded it anyway. That being said it seems that there are reports of how Windows Phone 8.1 has affected Nokia Lumia devices in a bad way.According to reports, some Nokia Lumia users […]

Nokia Lumia Icon Goes Up Against The Canon EOS Rebel XTi
Nowadays smartphone cameras are so good the point where we might not even need a compact digital camera. However when it comes to smartphone cameras, perhaps they might not be able to beat out DSLRs which are typically more powerful and have more control, which we guess is thanks to the manual controls and the ability to swap out lenses for different scenes.However it seems that the folks at Nokia […]

Nokia Lumia Icon Undergoes Battery Tests
Earlier this year, Nokia announced the Lumia Icon, a handset that is an exclusive for Verizon (although some say that an international variant in the form of the Lumia 930 could be on its way). For those unfamiliar, the Lumia Icon is essentially a smaller version of the Lumia 1520 with a more manageable 5-inch display versus the Lumia 1520’s 6-inch.Essentially this has the power of the Lumia 1520 packed […]

Lumia Icon/Lumia 929 Could Soon See A Release Worldwide
A couple of weeks ago, Nokia and Verizon announced the Lumia Icon handset, which at that time was pegged as a Verizon exclusive. Well the good news for those looking to get their hands on te device is that perhaps the exclusivity with Verizon might not be forever after all. According to the folks at TechnoBuffalo, they are claiming that according to their sources, the Lumia Icon will be making […]

Microsoft Throwing In Free Wireless Charger With Lumia Icon Purchase
Earlier it was reported that the Nokia Lumia Icon had officially gone on sale and interested customers would be able to get their hands on the device via Verizon’s website. However there are alternative places where you might be able to get the handset, which is either via the Microsoft Store online, or head on over to a physical Microsoft retail store. Why would you do that when you can […]

Nokia Lumia Icon Now Available From Verizon
A little over a week ago, Nokia announced the Lumia Icon handset which has been rumored and leaked for quite a while now, making us wonder why it took them so long to announce it. The device was also announced as a Verizon exclusive and would see a release on the 20th of February. The good news is that it is now the 20th of February so for those of […]

Nokia Lumia Icon Announced, A Verizon Exclusive
The Nokia Lumia Icon is a smartphone that has been talked about in recent times, where this will fall under the high end category when it comes to Windows Phone 8 handsets. Apparently, it has been announced to appear on Verizon exclusively for those of us living in the U.S. The latest addition to the Lumia family has been specially designed to deliver style alongside substance, and chances are your […]

Nokia Lumia Icon Spotted In Inventory Listing
The upcoming Nokia Lumia Icon device has had its fair share of leaks and rumors to date, which is not surprising considering how there seems to be a rising demand for this particular Verizon Wireless exclusive smartphone which will run on the Windows Phone 8 platform. The kind of hardware specifications in which you would find on the Nokia Lumia Icon would not be too far away from the likes […]

Nokia Teases Windows Phone Announcement
Does Nokia have a new device in the works that has yet to be announced? At the moment we can only think of two devices that the Finnish company has yet to reveal: the Nokia Normandy and the Nokia Lumia Icon which is a Windows Phone handset destined for Verizon. While it looks like Nokia could be making the announcement soon thanks to a new teaser trailer that Nokia recently […]

Nokia Lumia Icon Case Leaked
The Nokia Lumia Icon, also known in other circles as the Nokia Lumia 929, happens to be the most recent version of a Windows Phone 8 device from Nokia to hit Verizon, and a slew of new photos that touch on the kind of accessories available for the smartphone has surfaced, with a case being one of them. Having said that, it is not too often that a single device […]

Nokia Lumia Icon Dummy Model Spotted At Fry’s
Ah, the Nokia Lumia Icon – this particular smartphone sure has generated a fair amount of interest over the past few weeks, and as we see more and more leaks arriving, you can only say one thing about the handset – that it is well on its way to a rollout in the near future. The Nokia Lumia Icon is also known by another name, the Nokia Lumia 929, and […]

Nokia Lumia Icon User Guide Image Leaked
We more or less know that the Nokia Lumia 929, also known as the Lumia Icon from the Finnish smartphone manufacturer, is well on its way to Verizon Wireless. The thing is, the mobile carrier has not been doing too great a job at keeping the Lumia Icon under tabs, as a manual for the smartphone has already been leaked, in addition to the potential launch information as well as […]

Nokia Lumia Icon Makes An Appearance On Verizon's Website (Again)
Verizon and Nokia are expected to announce the Nokia Lumia Icon a.k.a Lumia 929 soon. The handset has made countless appearances in leaked photos, appeared on Verizon’s website, appeared and sold in China, but yet we still do not have an official announcement or release date yet. We really have no clue what’s going on over at Verizon, but the handset has once again made an appearance on Verizon’s website […]

Verizon's Lumia Icon Goes On Sale In China
The Nokia Lumia 929 a.k.a Lumia Icon is very real. We’ve seen the device pop up on Verizon’s website and last we heard, it was rumored for a 16th of January release, but safe to say that did not happen. We’re not sure why Verizon is waiting around to announce the handset, let alone release it. Could it be that they are waiting to make an announcement at MWC 2014? […]

Nokia Lumia Icon Spotted In Verizon Site
It has been quite some time since Verizon Wireless unveiled a brand new Nokia Lumia smartphone. Well, all of that patient waiting seems to have paid off, as the next handset from Nokia which will make an appearance on Verizon would be the Nokia Lumia Icon, whereby a page on Verizon’s website has already gone live albeit for a moment before it was taken down. The URL still exists at […]

Leaked Accessory Card "Confirms" Lumia Icon Moniker
According to recent rumors, the upcoming Nokia Lumia 929 for Verizon could be known as the Lumia Icon, but since these are merely rumors, it’s quite hard to tell if they are true. Well according to a leaked photo by @evleaks, it would seem as though the Lumia Icon name is confirmed. This is according to the photo above which is apparently that of an accessory card for Verizon, but […]