ARM Reveals Cortex M7 Processor

ARM has just lifted the veil on their latest Cortex M7 processor that has been specially developed and designed in order to deliver additional computing power which embedded devices are starting to embrace with glee these days. Apart from that, it will definitely usher in more “smart” devices in and around the home, especially when we are talking about “Internet of Things” end points.

HTC M4, G2 To Be Announced Along With M7 On February 19?

We already suspect HTC will launch its flagship M7 Android smartphone during a media event taking place on February 19, but it looks as though the M7 may not be the only device that will be making its debut at the show. According to UnwiredView, they have learned of two new devices called the M4 and G2 that could either be unveiled at the February 19 event or during Mobile World […]

HTC M7 March 8 Release Date A Possibility

The Taiwanese smartphone company known as HTC do seem to have fallen into a rut where their smartphone releases are concerned, without really returning to their pinnacle as they hit a purple patch in the market a couple of years ago. Well, word has it that HTC intends to fight their way back to the top of the game with a new flagship model which very little is known about, […]

HTC Announces February 19 Launch Event Possibly For The HTC M7

We heard last week HTC was planning to launch its HTC M7 at a dedicated media event on February 19 and not during MWC, and wouldn’t you know it, an invite to an HTC event taking place in New York City made its way to our inbox. And you guys wouldn’t believe the date of the event. February. Nine. Teen. Yes – it looks as though previous reports of HTC launching its […]


HTC M7 Housing Caught On Video

Adding to the HTC M7 rumor mill is electronic parts seller, ETrade Supply, that recently posted the middle and rear frames of the elusive HTC M7. As you can see in the video above, the rear housing looks similar to HTC’s Droid DNA, except for the metallic buttons and the camera ring. ETrade Supply says that the new piece is 7cm wide and 13.7cm tall, and it has a flat […]

HTC M7 Render Is Close To The Real Thing (Rumor)

What you see above is actually a render of the upcoming HTC M7 that will be the flagship device for the beleaguered Taiwanese company who has fallen on hard times recently, although they are not too far down the rabbit hole to be rescued if they chart their path correctly in the weeks and months ahead. The date spotted on HTC Sense is January 15, which could be the date […]

HTC M7 Render Seen

Well, well, what do we have here? A render of the yet unreleased HTC M7, although this situation would most probably change by the time Mobile World Congress rolls around. It is said that the HTC M7 will debut then, and this flagship device could be just the tonic required to help boost the ailing Taiwanese manufacturer’s fortunes. The render seen on the right is allegedly part of a short […]

HTC M7 Could Get CES 2013 Announcement

The HTC M7 has been rumored to be the next flagship from HTC (which we hope would be able to do decently in the market when released considering how HTC’s performance has not been the best in recent quarters among the rest of the Android smartphone manufacturers), and we cannot wait to get our hands on it as well as learn more about the handset. Well, the HTC M7 is […]

Sinchun Saycool M7 Mobile Internet Device

The folks at Sinchun of Shenzen has done it again, release another generic Mobile Internet Device (MID) known as the Saycool M7, where it will come equipped with a 7″ capacitive multitouch touchscreen display at 1,024 x 600 resolution, coupled with Windows XP as the operating system of choice. Processing muscle comes in the form of an Intel Atom Z510 1.1GHz processor, where it will be accompanied by 1GB RAM, […]

MAG iMito M7 tablet

The tablet race is full on, with MAG announcing their latest device to enter the fray – the iMito M7. The iMito M7 comes in a thin and slim form factor, where it holds a 7″ display at 800 x 480 resolution, an 800MHz ARM11 processor, 256MB RAM, 4GB of internal memory, Wi-Fi connectivity with the option to throw in 3G capability as well, an integrated accelerometer, GPS navigation, a […]