cortex-m7ARM has just lifted the veil on their latest Cortex M7 processor that has been specially developed and designed in order to deliver additional computing power which embedded devices are starting to embrace with glee these days. Apart from that, it will definitely usher in more “smart” devices in and around the home, especially when we are talking about “Internet of Things” end points.


Basically, the Cortex M7 has been designed for just about everything, ranging from appliances all the way to edge routers, in addition to automotive, sensor hubs and industrial controls. Right now, ARM does have its fair share of processors dotted throughout different sensors and end points through the various nodes of the Internet of Things.

In fact, ARM shipped 8 billion units of its Cortex M processors already, and has over 240 licenses released alongside 3,000 catalog parts. The beefier Cortex M7 processor will pave the way for richer user interfaces and operating systems when it comes to embedded devices, not to mention offer a prolonged battery life to boot. It sports a 64-bit interconnect with two levels of cache to deliver efficient memory operations, is more responsive for better controls, and claims double the performance of the Cortex M4.

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