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Marissa Mayer Looks Forward To Using Gmail Again
Marissa Mayer held the top job at Yahoo for five years. She switched from Google to lead the company after working at Mountain View over more than 13 years. It was a big switch for the executive who would have undoubtedly had to stop using some Google services as she was now in competition with her previous employer. Mayer resigned from Yahoo on Tuesday after Verizon completed its acquisition of […]

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Won't Head Altaba After Verizon Acquisition
Verizon first announced its intention to acquire Yahoo for $4.83 billion last year but later agreed to buy it at a $350 million discount after the deal’s future seemed uncertain following revelations about cyberattacks that Yahoo had to put up with. Yahoo’s core business will be bought by Verizon and only the investment company will be left behind which will be called Altaba. It has now been confirmed that Yahoo […]

Yahoo CEO Sued For Allegedly Forcing Male Employees Out
These aren’t the best of days for Yahoo. As it deals with the fallout from the devastating cyber attack which left some 500 million users compromised, it’s also having to answer questions about its compliance with a secret order which resulted in the automatic scanning of all incoming user emails. A former executive has now sued Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer for allegedly forcing male employees out of the company.

CEO Marissa Mayer Reportedly Kept Secrets From Yahoo's Security Team
Yahoo is in the midst of a sale to Verizon and it finds itself at the center of a new controversy. Nevermind the fact that the company recently confirmed a major cyberattack that left more than 500 million user accounts compromised, it was reported yesterday that Yahoo complied with a top secret order from the NSA and scanned all incoming emails of its users, and a new report now claims […]


Time Might Buy Yahoo's Search, Mail And News Business
It’s no secret that Yahoo is struggling to maintain its position, it no longer dominates the online landscape as it did a few years ago, and the company is now open to the possibility of selling core businesses. According to a new report Time Inc, the publisher of People and Time magazine, might acquire Yahoo’s core online businesses which include Yahoo Mail, Search and News.

Yahoo Reportedly Considering Sale Of Web Properties Like Yahoo Mail
It hasn’t been easy for Yahoo over the past few years, the company has been trying hard to bring back users to its core web properties, but the plans don’t appear to be working as well as it would like them to. Perhaps the company thinks that selling off the iconic properties like Yahoo Mail would be a better option for long-term sustainability, that’s actually what the company is reportedly considering.

Yahoo Reportedly Developing A Google Now Rival
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer talked about a new search related product that the company is working on during the first quarter earnings call. Mayer said that this will be a product similar to Siri, Google Now or Microsoft’s Cortana. Though she didn’t provide specifics a report does bring us some additional information citing a source at Yahoo who is familiar about this product. The new product is codenamed Index.

Yahoo 4Q Earnings Fail To Impress Wall Street
Yahoo pinned its hopes on Marissa Mayer, the longtime Google executive that it hired as CEO. The move was welcomed by investors and analysts, with the company’s stock almost doubling last year, as they were counting on Mayer to return the company to profitability. In 2013, Yahoo made a number of big and small acquisitions, it also revamped few of its services as well as changed its logo. Despite all […]

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Apologizes For Mail Outage
Last week quite a lot of Yahoo Mail users started complaining about issues when trying to access the service. Soon after that, the company confirmed that one of its Mail servers was acting up, and that the issue had proved to be much harder to fix than anticipated. Yahoo assured users that it had teams working on it round the clock to bring everything back up. The Mail issues seem […]

Yahoo Signs Katie Couric As Global Anchor
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer had made a number of bold decisions ever since she took over as leader of the company, decisions such as the $1.1 billion acquisition of Tumblr and several other multi-million dollar acquisitions. The company also has a new logo now and has refreshed the look and feel of many of its services. Under Mayer, Yahoo continues to push into the media landscape and the company has […]

Yahoo To Encrypt All Data Flowing Between Its Data Centers By Q1, 2014
Over the past few months the world has gained considerable insight into the clandestine data collection operations of the National Security Agency, courtesy of former CIA analyst Edward Snowden. A number of major companies were named in those leaked top secret documents, companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and more. A cache of documents recently leaked by Snowden alleged that the NSA is capable of tapping into Google and Yahoo’s […]