Marissa Mayer held the top job at Yahoo for five years. She switched from Google to lead the company after working at Mountain View over more than 13 years. It was a big switch for the executive who would have undoubtedly had to stop using some Google services as she was now in competition with her previous employer. Mayer resigned from Yahoo on Tuesday after Verizon completed its acquisition of Yahoo’s internet business. Mayer has reportedly said she looks forward to using Gmail again post-Yahoo.

Mayer was at a conference in London where she was asked about what she intended to do in her life after leading Yahoo for five years. She said that she was looking forward to using Gmail again, explaining that she’s faster at using productivity tools that she has designed herself.

Mayer worked at Google for more than 13 years in different roles. She was the lead on several services, including Gmail, and had a big impact on how Google’s email service was shaped during its formative years.

She has since clarified her comments on Twitter, saying that she will continue to use “the excellent Yahoo Mail too,” and that the team’s hard work has paid off with a product that’s “dramatically better.”

Mayer says her “out-of-context” comment was related to Gmail’s design and how it has evolved since her work on the service in the early days.

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