Market shareThings don’t look too good for the Finnish giant. After spending countless years as the company to beat, Nokia seems to have rolled back in time 14 years – with its global market share reduced to 25%, almost the same level as it was back in 1997. With recent rumors about Microsoft interested in buying Nokia, it looks like Microsoft could just wait it out a little longer to make a cheaper purchase of the company, or Nokia should choose to put itself up for sale now while its value hasn’t plummeted yet.

Either way, Nokia hasn’t been performing very well at all in the past few years, especially in the smartphone market. Judging by how well Android devices and the iPhone have been doing, it’s not hard to tell it feels like Nokia felt too comfortable with its lead and just let it slip away. Well, it looks like they’ve placed all their eggs in the Windows Phone basket and their success in the smartphone industry will probably rely on how well they can pull off their WP7 phones and sell them.

What do you guys think – does Nokia stand a chance at recovery or has it gone too far down to recover?

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