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Android Market to obtain games in South Korea
We all know that South Korea is one nation that is large on gaming – after all, this is a country where you have gaming leagues shown on national TV across different channels, so to see the provision of games hit the Android Market in that part of the world is definitely something. In fact, it has been two years since the first Android-powered device was made available in South […]

500,000 published apps and counting on Android Market
I guess when it comes to online app stores, while the total number of apps do matter to a certain extent, it is more the quality that consumers are looking at. The Android Market is growing for sure, but it is still a far cry from what the App Store from Apple has achieved, although it has done pretty well for itself. Right now, there are more than 500,000 published […]

Buy now, pay later for Vodafone Android users
If you happen to be a Vodafone subscriber in Europe who are rocking to an Android-powered smartphone, then you are in for a surprise – the carrier will allow you to pay for your apps purchased over at the Android Market via your phone bill. This is the latest move in a game of ‘tactical chess’ with Apple’s App Store by Google, hoping that such a business model might just […]

Android Market website now offers review breakdowns
It looks like Google is constantly rolling out new features for the web version of the Android Market. The company recently added a new feature in the app descriptions for Android apps. On the bottom of the page, in addition to showing you the average rating of the app and download counter, there is now a breakdown of the app reviews.So if you’re wondering how many 5 star or 1 […]


Google Movies now available on Motorola Xoom WiFi tablets
In a tweet from the Official Motorola account, the manufacturer has confirmed that Android Movies is now available on the Motorola Xoom WiFi tablet. This means that Motorola Xoom users will be able to run the Android Market app and rent their movies just by heading to the “Movies” tab. Like we’ve previously reported before, rooted users won’t be able to rent movies with their tablet. So if you’ve got […]

New Android Market leaked with Google Music and other apps
A new version of the Android Market was leaked online and along with it are some new alpha and beta apps from Google. There’s the Google Music app which looks like a smaller version of the Honeycomb music app, and a bunch of other apps like Google Gallery 3D New 10.2, Google- Camera v12 and Google Desk Clock 10. While there have been speculations to what the Google Music service […]

T-Mobile HSPA+ available in 5 new markets
Great news for folks looking to hop onto T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network – T-Mobile has just announced the addition of 5 new markets to join “America’s Largest 4G Network”. The 5 new locations that can now access their 21Mbps network are: Des Moines, Iowa; Gainesville and Panama City, Florida; Monterey, California; and Savannah, Georgia. So if you’re living in one of those locations, you can now enjoy the full potential of […]

Apple to enter the budget market?
According to the latest report from Bloomberg, Apple might be expanding their iPhone lineup to include the entry-level market. These rumors (at least until proven as true) from an unknown source they have stated that Apple will be creating smaller, cheaper and more universal iPhones that will be priced at $200 – without a contract. Talk about budget-priced! A $200 iPhone will be in the market to compete against budget […]

Android Market delivers malware now?
The Android Market is now web-based, making it a whole lot convenient to install applications across all of your Android devices, whether it is from a PC or from any of the devices.With Google’s new web-based Android Market letting users select and buy apps straight on the website, it will bring the ability for apps to be remotely installed on their device. Of course, there is the risk of somebody […]

Android Market web store launched
At the Android-themed event today, Google gave the world an in-depth look at Honeycomb (Android 3.0) and its features. After the Honeycomb presentation, they had something else in store for the crowd – the launching of the Android Market web store. Following in the footsteps of the iTunes App Store, Google has created an official online store for the Android Market, and with it comes a host of features that […]