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NASA's Curiosity Rover Discovers Mars' Soil Is 2% Water
NASA’s Curiosity rover has been having quite the time on Mars over the past year. Just last September, Curiosity found evidence of water on the red planet, and this summer, traces of “drinkable water” was found on Mars. Considering how important water is for life on Earth to survive, these were pretty big discoveries, but Curiosity’s recent discovery trumps them in comparison.

Mars One Receives Over 200k Applications For Mars Colonization Project
We know how many people are looking forward to living life off on Mars, especially when you consider just how bad things have been getting on Earth lately with all of the changes in temperature as well as the gallons of radioactive fluid that’s being dumped into our ocean every day. People want off of this planet, which is why we weren’t so surprised to hear over 100,000 people signed up […]

Mars Curiosity Rover Condenses 12 Months Of Expedition Footage Into A Single Video
Anniversaries are always an occasion to remember, never mind that they are joyful or sad, although I am quite sure that most folks would prefer to fall back onto the former instead of the latter. Having said that, a couple of days ago, we did bring you word about how Mars Curiosity Rover “celebrated” its birthday by “singing” to itself, and here we are with footage of Mars Curiosity Rover’s […]

Nokia Mars And Eros Appears On Germany O2 Roadmap
The Nokia Mars and Nokia Eros have appeared on the O2 Germany roadmap.


NASA's Rover Finds Traces Of 'Drinkable' Water On Mars
NASA's Opportunity rover has analyzed a rock and determined that neutral water, suitable for drinking, once flowed through that rock in the very early days of Mars.

Curiosity Rover Discovers Conditions On Mars Suited For Ancient Life
It was late last summer when the Curiosity Rover made landed on Mars, and several months later, has stumbled onto an important discovery during its time on the red planet.According to a NASA press release sent out today, the Curiosity Rover has come across conditions that could have supported living microbes. Lead Mars Exploration Program scientist Michael Meyer laid out today’s discovery.“A fundamental question for this mission is whether Mars […]

Curiosity is now Mayor of Mars after checking in Foursquare
While the billions of people here on earth try to carve up some space to live and being the “king/queen of his/her own castle”, the Mars rover from NASA known as Curiosity is living it out on the Red Planet that is thousands and thousands of miles away from us. As far as we know, it is the only man-made object surveying the landscape of Mars at the moment, taking […]

Angry Birds Space Red Planet coming this fall
I guess you could rank this partnership as inevitable – NASA and Rovio teaming up to bring a one-off, special Curiosity-themed episode within the universe of Angry Birds Space itself. If you must know, this particular episode will deliver another 20 levels of pig popping goodness, although the landscape will be that of the dry, arid soil of Mars. Flinging your birds through a zero gravity environment might get old […]

NASA reveals mission to study Mars' core
Mars has been a large subject of interest in the science community for years now. Many hope that eventually we’ll send a space shuttle there and set up some sort of space station. NASA’s most recent project was Curiosity, which landed just two weeks ago. Curiosity is NASA’s largest Mars rover to date and its two year mission is to discover if the planet was ever able to support life, […]

From Earth to Mars, the greatest moments of the Curiosity journey [video]
Curiosity, the NASA space rover that recently landed on Mars, has caught the attention of our nation. If for some reason you didn’t watch the Curiosity landing live, JPL News has posted an exciting video of the landing experience. The video’s description is as follows: “Relive the worldwide sensation of the Curiosity rover’s historic landing on Mars with audiences across the country who watched the live events unfold.” You’ll get […]

NASA plans Curiosity's path using gaming technology
NASA is busy planning missions for its Curiosity Rover vehicle which is currently on Mars. Because the robot is millions of miles away, it can take anywhere from 3mn to 30mn for a radio signal to go from Earth to Mars – this depends on the position of both planets on their respective orbits. This makes it unpractical to “remote control” the robot like you might do on earth, where […]

Curiosity rover on Mars receives software update
Your smartphone is not the only device hanging around that receives a software update, you know – and neither is your favorite video game console either. How about a piece of machine that is located thousands and thousands of kilometers away from our earth – residing on the Red Planet, otherwise known as Mars, where it is called Curiosity by everyone else? Well, we are pleased to say that the […]

Curiosity sends back 360-degree panoramic photo of Mars
The Curiosity Rover’s landing on Mars was a successful one, and it is time to get down and dirty on the Red Planet. In fact, Curiosity has certainly lived up to its name by sending back another photo on Thursday – this time around, it outdoes the previous photo sent, as this is the first 360-degree color panorama snapshot of the Gale Crater in the world, or should I say, […]

Lego Mindstorms masquerades as Mars Curiosity Rover
Earlier this morning, we talked about how NASA managed to successfully land their Curiosity Rover on the red planet, and here we are with someone who was inspired by the real deal, and with some Lego wizardry, managed to come up with a Lego Mindstorms version of the Mars Curiosity Rover. Doug Moran and Will Gorman are the ones behind this particular Lego Mindstorms model, where it is part of […]