Here’s an expansion on our previous post about the lack of a 3D camera on the upcoming Rover to Mars – you can forget about seeing the surface of Mars in 3D – NASA has decided to stop any more talk about constructing a 3D camera and equipping the next generation robotic rover that will be heading over to the Red Planet. To put it simply, there isn’t enough time to develop such a system and test it enough before the Mars Science Laboratory rover, also known as Curiosity, is sent to that part of the galaxy later this year. NASA had in fact, roped in movie director James Cameron (Avatar and Titanic) to build the new camera which obviously would have come with zoom and 3D capabilities. Perhaps Curiousity’s successor will be able to implement 3D support, and that also assuming NASA has the budget to jump into the next level of space exploration. After all, Curiosity is already supposed to launch in 2009, but due to funding problems, that obviously didn’t happen. Ah well, at least we got to watch Avatar in the mean time…

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