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OnePlus X Marshmallow Update Finally Released
OnePlus X was the first and possibly the last “mini” device that OnePlus made. CEO Carl Pei confirmed recently that OnePlus will not be making additional 5 inch devices because it’s just not possible to fit a big enough battery in them. The OnePlus X was its last small device for all intents and purposes, those who own this device will at least be delighted to know that the company has […]

AT&T Galaxy S5 Marshmallow Update Finally Released
Galaxy S5 owners on AT&T can now finally breathe a sign of relief as their carrier has finally released the much awaited Marshmallow update for this handset. Rival carriers like Verizon sent out the update for said device about three months ago. The country’s second largest carrier has made its customers wait for quite a long time but now that it has rolled out the update, they will just be […]

Original Samsung Galaxy Tab S Won't Get Marshmallow
Samsung spruced up its tablet lineup two years ago with the original Galaxy Tab S. Last year, both the 8.4 inch and 10.5 inch models of the Galaxy Tab S were updated to Android 5.0.2 Lollipop. Since then, users have been waiting for the Marshmallow update to arrive. Unfortunately, there is some bad news for them. Samsung Netherlands has confirmed that the company is not going to release the Marshmallow […]

AT&T Releases Marshmallow For Galaxy Tab S2
Those who own a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 on AT&T have something to look forward to today. The carrier has finally released the much-awaited Marshmallow update for this tablet. The AT&T Marshmallow update for Galaxy Tab S2 is now being rolled out over-the-air and it brings all of the bells and whistles that you would expect from an Android 6.0.1 release. The update is headed to the Galaxy Tab S2 […]


AT&T BlackBerry Priv Gets Marshmallow Update
AT&T subscribers who own a BlackBerry Priv will be delighted to find out today that the carrier has finally started rolling out Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow for this handset. The latest iteration of Android has been available for the unlocked version of this handset for a couple of months now while T-Mobile released it for the Priv on its network last month.

Motorola Droid Turbo May Get Marshmallow Soon
Those who are still holding on to their Motorola Droid Turbo might be interested to find out that there’s a chance that Marshmallow might be released for their handset in the near future. A new certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance has been spotted which suggests that the Marshmallow update is being developed for this smartphone. The device is currently on Android 5.1 Lollipop.

Asus ZenFone Zoom And ZenFone Selfie Marshmallow Update Arrives
Asus hasn’t been the quickest of OEMs to come out with the Marshmallow update even though it’s been close to a year since this Android update was released. Marshmallow is actually on the brink of being outdated as Google puts the final touches on Android Nougat and gets its ready for release in the coming weeks. Asus has finally released Marshmallow for the ZenFone Zoom and the ZenFone Selfie.

Galaxy Note 4 Android 6.0.1 Update Released By T-Mobile
T-Mobile is finally rolling out the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update for the Galaxy Note 4. Since the handset is nearly two years old it wasn’t prioritized like the more recent devices were, but the carrier has finally come around to releasing Marshmallow for this handset. It’s likely that this is the last major update that the Galaxy Note 4 gets as Android devices are generally not supported for major updates […]

BlackBerry Priv Marshmallow Update Released By T-Mobile
BlackBerry Priv owners on T-Mobile have something to look forward to today. Magenta has started rolling out the Marshmallow update for this handset. This update has been available for the unlocked version of this smartphone for quite some time now but carriers always tend to hold them up a bit, nevertheless, Priv owners on T-Mobile will be glad to find out that the carrier is finally sending out the Marshmallow […]

Galaxy Note Edge Gets Marshmallow On Verizon
Verizon has finally started rolling out the much-awaited Marshmallow update for the Galaxy Note Edge on its network. Big Red has taken its sweet time in bringing this update to the Note Edge, but now that it’s here, users will just be glad to have the latest iteration of Android on their device. It’s not unusual for users to have to wait for updates to arrive, no wonder Android 6.0 […]

OnePlus 2 Marshmallow Update Finally Released
The OnePlus 2 was the second “flagship killer” handset that OnePlus released. It was meant to have specifications that were equal to those of flagships from other manufacturers. That may be true but it didn’t receive the latest Android update as quickly as some of them did. OnePlus has only just sent out the OnePlus 2 Marshmallow update.

Verizon Galaxy S5 Marshmallow Update Released At Last
Carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile have already released Marshmallow for the Galaxy S5. Verizon, the country’s largest mobile carrier, has taken its sweet time in bringing this update to the Galaxy S5. The wait ends today for users as the Verizon Galaxy S5 Marshmallow update has been released at last. It bumps up the device to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and features all of the bells and whistles associated with this […]

BlackBerry Priv Set To Receive Another Marshmallow Beta Update
It looks like the very first smartphone that runs on the Android mobile operating system from BlackBerry, the BlackBerry Priv, is all set to be on the receiving end of yet another Marshmallow beta update. Is this significant? In some ways, yes, taking into consideration that this would be the fourth beta build that has been introduced for said device, and when it comes to the latest Marshmallow beta update, […]

AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S6 Gets Android Marshmallow Update
If you happen to be rocking to a Samsung Galaxy S6 while you are subscribing to AT&T, then you would be pleased as punch to hear this particular bit of news today – that the Samsung Galaxy S6 from AT&T is on the receiving end of the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update, which means you would finally have your previous generation flagship model to be on par with the other devices […]