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Apple Offers Up Temporary Workaround For Messages Bug
If you have been following the news, you might have heard of a bug affecting the Messages app on iOS. Basically when a user receives a particular message containing a set of characters, it will cause the app to crash and reboot the device instantly without any warning. It seems more annoying than malicious but it’s still something that needs fixing all the same.Now recently Apple has come forward and […]

Apple Acknowledged Messages Bug, Working To Fix It
Earlier today we reported on this weird Messages bug on iOS in which if a user receives a particular message from someone else, it will cause the app to crash continuously or reboot instantly without warning. It’s not exactly a “dangerous” bug per se, but it does sound like an annoying one.Thankfully Apple has since acknowledged the issue and appears to be working on a fix for it which we’re […]

Weird Bug Causes iOS Messages App To Crash Continuously
Apple’s Messages app is where users send and receive regular text messages as well as iMessages. It’s a simple app and rather straightforward in nature, but it seems that despite its simplicity, a recent bug has been discovered that basically causes the app to crash continuously. In more serious cases, it can even cause your iPhone to reboot suddenly.It should be pointed out that the crash only occurs when a […]

Messages beta client for OS X Lion to expire on 14th December
Mac OS  X Mountain Lion users get access to the Messages app, which is essentially iMessage for Mac. OS X Lion users have the app too albeit in a beta form and the only way to get the full version would be to upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion. For some the Messages app could be compelling enough to make the upgrade, but for others maybe not, perhaps due to […]


Messages beta gets taken down ahead of OS X Mountain Lion's launch next month
Apple officially announced yesterday that Messages would be arriving in OS X Mountain Lion, although for those of you who have been diligently following the beta may have already downloaded the Messages beta app. However if you have been putting off doing so, well it seems that you might be out of luck now. According to the folks at Cult of Mac, while the link to the Messages beta app […]

Messages to be exclusive to OS X Mountain Lion
Just yesterday we reported that Apple surprised us all with the release of the developer preview for their next-generation operating system, OS X Mountain Lion. Some of the features of Mountain Lion seems to indicate that Apple is indeed looking to iOS-ify their OS X platform with the inclusion of the Messages – the iMessage compatible version of iChat.

BabbleOn brings voice messages to Facebook
If text isn’t expressive enough for you and you’re too camera shy to record video messages to post on Facebook, BabbleOn might be what you need. BabbleOn Technologies has just launched a new app that allows users to record and post voice messages on both and Facebook. Fully integrating itself with the social network, all users have to do is log in with their Facebook account to get started. […]

Google helps you to automatically sort your email with Smart Labels
Google has just announced a new way for you to automatically sort out your Gmail account, with the use of Smart Labels. Gmail already has the option for you to create your own labels if you want to label your emails, but if you don’t, Smart Labels will do the job for you. It provides you with 3 new labels – Bulk, Forums and Notifications. Gmail can detect what sorts […]

AOL Mail is down
According to the latest reports from CNet, AOL Mail is suffering from some issues that prevent users from logging onto their accounts. When it first started, AOL pointed out that it was a scheduled maintenance that took longer than expected, and that only a handful of users would be affected – some wouldn’t be able to log in, while some people wouldn’t be able to see their newer messages. The […]

Facebook mail -- how to
After this morning’s announcement of Facebook Messages, there seems to be some confusion about how to get one’s email address on Here are a few pointers: First, the feature is going to roll out slowly, so don’t be surprised if you can’t find it yet If you want to get it ASAP, apply to be invited on the Facebook Messages page You need a Facebook user name (like […]

Facebook unveils new messaging service, claims email is 'too formal'
Facebook has just announced its updated messaging service at their event this morning, where the next evolution of Messages intends to bring your social networking activity to a totally new level. In fact, you get to decide on how you want to ‘converse’ with your mates, whether it is through SMS, chat, email or Messages. They will receive your message via the medium or device of choice in a real-time […]