Apple’s Messages app is where users send and receive regular text messages as well as iMessages. It’s a simple app and rather straightforward in nature, but it seems that despite its simplicity, a recent bug has been discovered that basically causes the app to crash continuously. In more serious cases, it can even cause your iPhone to reboot suddenly.

It should be pointed out that the crash only occurs when a particular strand of text is being received. What this means is that it is unlikely that you will receive such a text by accident and if you do, chances are you are being targeted by someone, like a friend trying to mess with you or an attacker looking to cause some chaos.

Apple has yet to respond to the problem but hopefully they will be able to address it soon and quickly as a quick search on Twitter has revealed that many users have been affected by it. There have been some explanations offered, one of which suggests that the text being sent which looks like gibberish is in fact a command for iOS, thus resulting in the app crashing and your phone rebooting.

Thankfully the fix is simple. All you’d have to do is get the person who sent you the text to send you another message (a different message), or send yourself a message via Siri, or through the share sheet, or even on your Mac. Basically the idea is to have the last strand of text not be that particular series of characters. Any of our readers affected by this?

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