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Windows Phone 9 To Ditch Metro UI [Rumor]
Microsoft is rumored to shake things up a bit next year, with the acquisition of Nokia’s hardware and services division it will formally step into the world of making smartphones which will obviously be powered by Windows Phone. The company is expected to waive licensing fees for OEMs to given them an incentive to produce even more WP devices. The hardware bit aside, what sort of changes can we expect […]

Metro UI theme for Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich tablets looks great
If you enjoy the Metro UI that Microsoft is offering its Windows Phone (and upcoming Windows 8) users, the good news is that XDA forum member, BroBot175 has recreated the Metro UI for Android tablets running on Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich. Supposedly this UI is fully functioning replica of Windows 8 that will not only allow users to create their own tiles or to organize them however you want. […]

WP7 ROM brings Metro UI onto Android devices
Android users, if you love the Windows Phone Metro UI but just not its hardware, the good news is that thanks to the WP7 ROM, you can now get the Metro UI look on your Android devices. Granted it doesn’t exactly resemble Metro 100%, but it’s certainly looks close enough, just without the same polish as the original. Unfortunately the ROM isn’t available for every Android handset out there just […]

New Windows Store screenshots surface
The Windows Store was introduced last week, but the video demonstration released by Microsoft didn’t really let us have a good look at the store. Fortunately the folks over at manage to get their hands on some screenshots, to show us a little bit more of how it looks like. We get a good look at how the installation and top apps screen look like and judging by the […]


Google search offers pinnable tile on Windows Phone devices
Just because you use Windows Phone 7.5 does not mean that you have to love Microsoft’s Bing as your default browser. Similarly just because you own an Android phone does not mean that your preferred search engine must be Google, but now Google is offering the chance to Windows Phone 7.5 users to start using their own search engine in place of Bing.

Microsoft reveals the story behind Metro UI in Windows 8
If you’ve always wanted to know what was Microsoft’s reasoning behind the implementation of Metro UI in Windows 8, you’re in luck. In the official Windows 8 blog, the company discusses about where it is taking Windows 8 in terms of its user interface, and the story of how Metro came about.Microsoft had started planning Windows 8 in the summer of 2009 – before Windows 7 was even shipped, with […]

Fede Music for Android looks like Windows Phone 7's music player
Windows Phone 7’s Metro UI is a pretty good looking interface, though it might be too minimalistic for some people’s tastes but one thing is for certain – it doesn’t look like any other stock (because Android can be modified to look like it) mobile operating system available right now. Well for those of you who love WP7’s interface but are invested in an Android phone and don’t feel the […]

Windows 8 Metro UI settings menu revealed
Some folks who’ve been playing around with the leaked Windows 8 beta have discovered even more examples of the Metro UI being used in the operating system. We all knew that Windows 8 was designed for tablets as well as PCs, but so we haven’t really seen too many elements of its tablet UI design. Well the folks over at have discovered a way to launch the system settings […]

RIP: Zune music player
Bad news for Zune fans: the Zune music player will no longer be updated, according to reports from Bloomberg. Microsoft has decided to throw the towel in for the music player market and discontinue the Zune line. Not surprising, considering that Apple’s iPod dominates it with 77% of the market share, and it doesn’t look like the iPod will be dying anytime soon either. However, with Zune living on through […]

Metro UI on your Android phone
If there’s one thing a lot of people agree with about Windows Phone 7, it’s that Microsoft definitely got the design right. To date, there’s quite a number of Metro UI-inspired or copycat themes for non-WP7 phones on the market, and Launcher7 is the latest one to join the scene. Designed for Android phones, this Android launcher was designed to mimic the Metro UI of WP7 and from what we […]

Sony Ericsson: No Tablet Plans, Unlikely to Adopt Windows Phone 7 At This Time
While Sony Ericsson France CEO Pierre Perron says that the company is still in talks with Microsoft regarding the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system, adoption of the platform may be unlikely at this time. Microsoft, which had issued strict design guidelines and recommendations, had barred carriers and manufacturers like Sony Ericsson from fully customizing the famous Live Tile homescreens known as the Metro UI with their own user interface […]