Microsoft Zune

Bad news for Zune fans: the Zune music player will no longer be updated, according to reports from Bloomberg. Microsoft has decided to throw the towel in for the music player market and discontinue the Zune line. Not surprising, considering that Apple’s iPod dominates it with 77% of the market share, and it doesn’t look like the iPod will be dying anytime soon either. However, with Zune living on through Windows Phone 7 (its Metro UI and music player), we don’t have to feel so sad about Microsoft discontinuing the Zune. Existing Zune players will still be sold in shops, but don’t expect any new models to arrive in the future or retail outlets to keep the current device in stock for long. Farewell Zune, it was nice knowing you. How many of you will miss the Zune when it eventually disappears?

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