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SanDisk's First 1TB MicroSD Card Now Available For Purchase
Western Digital’s SanDisk announced the launch of its first 1TB microSD card at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in February this year. The company had said back then that it would begin selling the microSD card in the next couple of months. If you’ve been waiting for it to arrive, rejoice, because you can now purchase it from the company’s website.

Micron And SanDisk Launch 1TB MicroSD Cards At MWC 2019
Do you ever feel the need to have more storage on your mobile device than your notebook? There are plenty of microSD cards that can make that happen currently but the storage capacity of these cards is only set to grow. Both Micron and Western Digital’s SanDisk have launched new microSD cards at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona that boast 1 terabyte of storage.

How To Move Photos To SD On Android
 The particular guide involves using your device’s File Manager app, without needing to consult your computer. If you are not familiar with the File Manager app, you can take a look at our tutorial.

SanDisk Launches 'World's Fastest' 400GB MicroSD Card
To cater to the growing demand for increased mobile storage, SanDisk today announced the launch of the “world’s fastest” UHS-I flash memory card. The company unveiled its 400GB SanDisk Extreme UHS-1 microSDXC card at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona. The new card has been designed to help customers move content faster than ever.


Samsung EVO Plus MicroSDXC Review
microSD memory cards offer the benefit of easily expand storage capacity for mobile devices (and even laptops) easily and relatively cheaply. With more and more demanding applications such as 4K video recording, more and more users pay close attention to the performance of the memory cards they buy. That is where the new Samsung EVO Plus microSDXC offering is interesting: it offers theoretical speeds of 100/90 MB/s (R/W)* which is […]

Use SD Card as Default Photo Storage on Android
Using the SD card as the default storage for photos seems to be the best way to avoid clogging up of your Internet storage if you take too many photos. You can surely do the same even if you do not take a great number of photos but it would not make much of a difference then.But how to use SD card as the default photo storage on Android? Is […]

Samsung Launches 256GB MicroSD Card
Are you worried that the internal memory of your smartphone is just not enough to store all of the things that you absolutely need? Worry no more as Samsung today announced the launch of its EVO Plus 256GB microSD card. The new card offers the highest capacity for a microSD card in its class while promising fast speeds. The card has been designed for use with smartphones, tablets, 360-degree video […]

200GB SanDisk MicroSD Card More Affordable Than Originally Thought
A 200GB microSD memory card is nice to have around – it will probably take what feels like forever for it to be filled up, although there is also another issue which you might want to think about after that, that is, to figure out how to store or back up all of those photos and videos recorded afterwards. Still, having that kind of storage space might sound mighty expensive […]

Microdia 512GB MicroSD Memory Card Out This July
Just how much memory is enough? I suppose “one more GB” would be the apt answer, and hence, it makes perfect sense for Microdia to actually cram in a whopping 512GB into a solitary microSD memory card, now how about that for a technological achievement? This particular microSD memory card is touted to be released later this July, and it will not be targeting any other ordinary user out there, […]

Toshiba Targets Action Photographers With New MicroSD Cards
Toshiba knows that there is a growing market of action photographers as well as mobile customers who would want more and more storage space on their devices, which is why Toshiba has decided to cater to these groups with the EXCERIA Pro SD and EXCERIA microSD memory cards.

SanDisk High Endurance Video Monitoring MicroSD Cards Announced
SanDisk is a well known name when it comes to higher performance memory products, so do not be surprised if you were to come across some of the more interesting memory cards that you would not have thought it possible to exist just a couple of years back. This time around, they have introduced their very first high endurance microSDXC memory card that is capable of recording up to 10,000 […]

SanDisk Reveals World’s Highest Capacity MicroSD Card
Records are meant to be broken, this is for sure. And for the very first time in the world, here we are with word that the capacity for a microSD memory card has just expanded, thanks to the folks over at SanDisk. Basically, we are talking about a fingernail-sized memory card being able to hold up to 20 hours of Full High Definition video, now how about that? A whopping […]

Toshiba’s MicroSD Memory Cards Are World’s Fastest
Toshiba did make the headlines this earlier this week, and the Japanese company intends to cap it all off by debuting the fastest microSD memory cards in the world. These new microSD memory cards happen to be the first in the industry that complies with the High-Speed UHS-II Interface Standard. It so happens that this is the ultra high speed serial bus interface that has been defined in the SD […]

Samsung outs Ultra High Speed-1 microSD cards
So you’ve recently gotten yourself an LTE capable handset that allows you to stream down and video that incredibly fast speeds, so what’s missing? Well according to Samsung, you might be interested in pairing those crazy fast LTE speeds with its newly launched Ultra High Speed (UHS) 1 microSD cards. 

Samsung unveils new microSD and SD memory cards
Since Samsung already supplies RAM to the world, why not dive into the world of memory cards? They have just announced a spanking new range of advanced SD and microSD cards that will target digital imaging and mobile devices. The total headcount of newcomers to the scene? We are looking at seven new models, and these SD and microSD memory cards will be part of the High Speed Series or […]

KINGMAX introduces the world's first 64GB microSD card
Even though most of our mobile devices are now capped to support microSD cards of only up to 32GB, that doesn’t stop manufacturers from bringing on the next generation of microSD cards. KINGMAX has just announced the launch of the world’s first-ever 64GB microSD card. Like its name says, it will store up to 64GB of data which translates into roughly 30,000 digital photos, more than 2,000 albums, or 24+ […]

microSD memory card slot still gimped on Motorola XOOM
Yes, so we have heard that the Motorola XOOM will be receiving a new Android 3.1 Honeycomb update, where it will speed things up by quite a fair margin apart from all the other bells and whistles that come along with it, but what else can one look forward to in the update? In order not to disappoint you, let it be said that the microSD memory card slot still […]

Certified Windows Phone 7 microSD cards now on sale
Remember when Windows Phone 7 devices were first launched, users were warned not to change the memory cards inside their phones on their own? And that regular microSD cards could possibly ruin the phone? Everyone was told to wait for certified memory cards to arrive, and now it looks like they’re finally here. The folks at engadget have spotted a fresh stock of certified 8GB Class 4 microSDHC cards at […]

Fuuvi camera takes pictures and reads your SD cards
Some of the most common devices that make use of microSD cards we use today are digital cameras and MicroSD card readers. Well some of you might argue that digital cameras can be used as microSD card readers as well, but that’s besides the point. Can your microSD card reader take photographs? I didn’t think so. Well, the folks at Fuuvi, have released a tiny microSD reader/camera and boy it […]

Patriot Announces Class 10 16 GB, 32 GB micro SDHC Memory Cards
Patriot Memory has announced a fast class 10 memory card in 16 GB and 32 GB varieties in the micro SDHC format. The cards are part of Patriot’s LX series and are covered by a 5-year warranty. Both cards will fit with a microSD to SD adapter, allowing the smaller memory cards to be readable in devices with an SD card slot. The 32 GB card is said to be […]