microdiaJust how much memory is enough? I suppose “one more GB” would be the apt answer, and hence, it makes perfect sense for Microdia to actually cram in a whopping 512GB into a solitary microSD memory card, now how about that for a technological achievement? This particular microSD memory card is touted to be released later this July, and it will not be targeting any other ordinary user out there, but rather, is meant to cater to professional photographers who happen to need plenty of storage space all the time.

Of course, such a huge amount of memory would not come cheap, and the asking price for this high capacity microSD memory card will cost at least $1,000 a pop. 512GB is a huge amount that is no joke, and it would be more than double the capacity that SanDisk revealed in their 200GB microSD offering. It ought to be taken into consideration that the extra-capacity SDXC format is capable of delivering up to 2TB memory cards, although 512GB happens to be the largest capacity yet.

We will hopefully be able to see benchmarks of this 512GB microSD memory card later this July when it hits the market. Since it is physically so small, do be careful not to lose it!

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