Microsoft Surface and Robotics Developer Studio used to create Search and Rescue robots

Some researchers over at the University of Massachusetts recently came up with an interesting method of controlling robots. Using Microsoft Robotics Developers Studio and the Microsoft Surface, they managed to develop a search and rescue robot that is controlled by the DREAM Controller. What’s special about the DREAM Controller is that it resembles a video game controller that’s intuitive, functional and easy to use. Users control the joystick to direct […]

nsquared shows off seamless computing

It looks like the future of computing is shaping up to be pretty impressive, judging by nsqared’s latest video demonstration of seamless computing. On the official nsquared blog, the company recently showed off a computing system that makes use of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Surface, Windows Phone 7 and Kinect, working together to create a seamless computing experience as users move between devices.

Parrot AR.Drone controlled via Microsoft Surface

To say that the AR.Drone is cool is probably an understatement. Now what happens when you combine it with the Microsoft Surface? A video has surfaced of a WinWise employee using a Microsoft Surface to control the Parrrot AR.Drone and that is certainly something that will have your friends looking on in awe. If only they sold such a setup for cheap, we can imagine that it would fly off […]

Amnesia Razorfish offers gesture sharing with Microsoft Surface

Heard of Amnesia Razorfish before? We haven’t either, and think that it is a cool name for a rock band. The company, however, offers high tech solutions, and their latest effort would involve Microsoft’s super expensive Surface multitouch display. Their effort at letting you share your content between your smartphone and the Microsoft Surface is an effortless one (for the end user), as all you need to do is place […]


Microsoft Surface 2, Hiding @ CES

Microsoft was showing Surface 2 discreetly behind closed doors (even folks at the MS booth didn’t know about it, lol) and this second edition has been built in partnership with Samsung (we’re talking about the hardware only). So what’s new? Well, the new surface is less bulky and it looks arguably a lot better than the first iteration. Samsung did a good job with the display. The screen resolution is […]

Hong Kong karaoke bar makes creative use of Microsoft Surface

Red Mr in Hong Kong is the first karaoke establishment in the world that allows their customers to have a field day with the Microsoft Surface, putting to shame those folks who are so proud of their iPads that they think it is the next best thing since sliced bread. In fact, the karaoke company has purchased at least 60 units of Microsoft Surface for their newest branches, hoping to […]

Microsoft Surface adapted to offer therapy for cerebral palsy patients

The Microsoft Surface isn’t only business-oriented, as it has recently been specially adapted by researchers from the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences to have it assist kids suffering from cerebral palsy get some valuable, fun therapy. Some of the kids with the disease were recently invited over to the Children’s Hospital in Boston to give the system a go. The table itself was […]

Microsoft LightSpace Surface Computer Encompasses A Whole Room

The folks over at Microsoft Research must be having a field day playing with LightSpace. While Microsoft Surface allowed us to interact with objects projected on a table, LightSpace extends that by projecting the interface on a whole 10-foot-by-8-foot room. In such a setup, the floor, table, and all are all interactive, and users will be able to move objects from one surface to another. The setup involves using a […]

Mirosoft Surface has future in homes

Microsoft’s Principal Researcher, Bill Buxton, recently had a lengthy interview with The Globe and Mail. According to him, the next wave in technology would be somewhat akin to Microsoft’s Surface, where future iterations will be much thinner (no thicker than a sheet of glass, in fact), while falling under the much more affordable category for average Joes like us to be able to bring one home. Apart from that, Bill […]

Ideum MT-50 introduced

Remember the Ideum MT-50 that we looked at last year? Guess it has just gotten officially introduced, where you get NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 285 graphics card running inside for some serious graphical firepower not to mention an input that can support up to 60 simultaneous control points. Don’t think that its tempered glass is a sissy – dropping a 12-pound bowling ball from a height of two feet doesn’t even […]

Microsoft To Demo New “Mobile Surface” at TechFest 2010

Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet found the news on the Microsoft Research Site: Microsoft will demo a more portable experience of its multi-touch table computer this week at TechFest 2010 in Redmond. You can read Microsoft’s description of the project: It is a novel interaction system for mobile computing. Our goal is to bring Microsoft Surface experience to mobile scenarios, and more importantly, to enable 3D interaction with mobile devices. […]

Microsoft Surface Service Pack 1

The Microsoft Surface platform isn’t exempt from its Windows counterpart by coming out with a Service Pack 1, where it was officially released last week on the opening day of Microsoft Tech Ed North America 2009. Service Pack 1 will see the tabletop computer upgraded with the latest refreshes that were touted at the said conference, addressing current owners and developers running Microsoft Surface. Here’s what Eric Havir, Sr. manager, […]