Microsoft Surface Pro 64GB Will Have 23GB Of Free Disk Space

Microsoft announced the Surface Pro will be made available on February 9 starting at $899, or $0 depending who you ask, but if you believe you’ll be buying a 64GB or 128GB and actually receiving that much free space, then you’re going to be sadly mistaken. According to a Microsoft spokesperson, the 64GB model of the Surface Pro will only have 23GB of free storage out of the box. The […]

Report: Microsoft Surface Estimated To Sell One Million Units In Q4 2012

While we saw 50 million iOS and Android device activations during Christmas week, Microsoft’s Surface hasn’t been having as stellar as a performance as according to UBS analyst Brent Thill, Microsoft is estimated to have only sold one million Surfaces in Q4 2012. One thing that probably worked against Microsoft in its sales for the Surface was limiting sales to only take place at one of their 60 retail stores. […]

Survey finds that interest in Microsoft Surface tablets is nearly double the Nexus 7

With Microsoft launching the Surface tablet this year, and Google entering the fray with their own brand of Nexus tablets, it would seem that customers are spoiled for choice. However considering that both tablets run different platforms, it’s not just about choosing the tablet with better hardware, but also the tablet whose platform suits you best. In a survey conducted by Parks Associates, it seems that in Q4 of 2012, […]

Microsoft Surface, Google Nexus Don’t Make A Dent In Tablet Web Traffic

Are you browsing Ubergizmo with a new Microsoft Surface or maybe a Google Nexus 7 or 10 and feel like life can’t get any better than it is right now? Well – we hope you’re sitting down while you’re reading this as it seems both devices haven’t had much of an impact on the Web since their releases. The news comes from Chitika Insights who have sampled tablet impressions from […]


Ubergizmo Gadget Guide – Nov 2012

We are fast approaching the “decision” moment for the holiday purchases, and while you still have time, why not start wrapping your head around those cool gadgets, many of which came out just recently. While previous guides were specific to laptops or smartphones, this one is more generic and include cameras, tablets and audio accessories. We look at a lot of devices, and we’ve compiled a list with some of […]

Microsoft Surface tablet tested as a voting device in Virginia

The 2012 U.S. elections is just around the corner. As Americans gear up to vote for their own chosen candidates, Geek Wire is reporting that a Microsoft Surface tablet is now being tested as a balloting device for the state and national elections in Virginia. The test is conducted by Democracy Live, a leading provider of advanced eBalloting and voter information technologies in the U.S. According to the publication, Democracy […]

Bill Gates: Surface is “unbelievably great”

With the Windows 8 launch in full swing, there is a lot of communication coming from Microsoft, but a Bill Gates interview is arguably much more interesting than a TV commercial. Of course, it won’t come as a surprise that Bill Gates supports the Microsoft Surface tablet, but it’s probably clear that it has to be more than a bit special for him since he was supported the “tablet” idea […]

Microsoft Surface for Windows RT at $199, possible or not?

Microsoft’s foray in the tablet market with an ARM-based (Tegra 3) device starts on Oct 26, and Microsoft has told us during the launch in Los Angeles that the device would be priced “competitively” to the “market leader” (iPad) – most people assumed that Microsoft was thinking of a $399-$499 range. However, based on alleged Insider information, tech blog Engadget says that a $199 price is in the works, if […]

Microsoft Surface tablet to go on sale October 26th

Microsoft previously announced that Windows 8 will hit retail outlets on October 26th but people were wondering about when they could get their hands on the Microsoft Surface as well. Today, Microsoft has answered the question. According to an announcement from the company, we’ll be seeing the tablet go on sale on October 26th as well – the same day as Windows 8’s release date. However, this will be the Windows […]

Microsoft Surface tablet price surfaces on Swedish retailer’s website

The Microsoft Surface is expected to go head to head against the iPad and plethora of Android tablets available on the market but it looks like it won’t stand a chance if the speculated of the tablet’s price is accurate. According to reports online, Swedish website has started listing the Microsoft Surface tablet pricing on its site, and one thing’s for sure: it’s not going for cheap. However, we […]

Halo 4 will work on the Microsoft Surface tablet

While consumers who purchase tablets don’t normally do it for the specific purpose of gaming, it looks like those who do might want to check out the Microsoft Surface when it is released. According to reports online, the upcoming FPS game Halo 4 will be playable on the Microsoft Surface. During Venture Beat’s GameBeat 2012 conference, Don Mattrick, President of Interactive Entertainment Business for Microsoft made the claim though he […]

HP Pulls Out From Windows RT Tablet Race [Confirmed]

Rumors that HP will not build a Windows RT (for ARM processors) are swirling around the web, and making some noise this morning. As you may remember, Microsoft surprised a number of people, including their hardware partners, when it launched its Surface tablet (which is pretty awesome) earlier this month in Los Angeles. Interestingly, rumors don’t mention Intel-based tablets, so let’s assume for a moment that HP may still produce […]

Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface ships

The next generation Microsoft Surface, known as the Samsung SUR40, has begun to ship to those who have deep pockets, and to top it all off, this picked up a CES Best of Innovations 2012 gong. This is the fruit of a collaboration between Samsung and Microsoft, where Microsoft Surface 2.0 software and touch technology has been incorporated into an interactive and engaging 40″ Full HD LCD display which can […]

Microsoft Surface and Robotics Developer Studio used to create Search and Rescue robots

Some researchers over at the University of Massachusetts recently came up with an interesting method of controlling robots. Using Microsoft Robotics Developers Studio and the Microsoft Surface, they managed to develop a search and rescue robot that is controlled by the DREAM Controller. What’s special about the DREAM Controller is that it resembles a video game controller that’s intuitive, functional and easy to use. Users control the joystick to direct […]