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BMW Connected and Mini Connected iOS apps launched
BMW owners should be happy to hear that the car maker has released two apps for the iOS platform this week. The first is targeted at the Mini brand, dubbed Mini Connected. The app allows users to track information about your car and also access web radio and audio versions of Internet feeds, hooked up directly to your car’s stereo. On cars that are equipped with navigation features, you’ll even […]

BMW to support iPod Out in the future
BMW recently announced that they will be working on including support for one of the lesser known features on the iOS 4 from Apple – iPod Out. What does iPod Out do? Well, it lets a connected iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, or iPod Touch to output as well as display an iPod interface on a connected device’s external display, which is actually found in future BMWs and Minis. […]

Motz Mini Wood Speaker
Those mini portable speakers are a dime a dozen nowadays, but how many of them are hand-made from wood and look like a nut? That’s what the Motz Mini Speaker is offering – a pretty looking portable speaker that offers FM radio as well. You’ll be able to recharge its lithium-polymer battery via a USB port, after which you’ll be able to enjoy up to 10-hours of music if you’re […]

Mini jumps aboard connected bandwagon
Mini is all set to roll out a new system known as Mini Connected at the Geneva Motor Show, where it is touted to offer “a newly developed USB interface whose unique functionality allows maximum integration of the iPhone into the in-car audio and infotainment system.” We can’t wait but see such entertainment integration being made in other vehicles of the future, and will certainly look forward to this new […]


LG GD880 Mini smartphone
One of the smallest touchscreen smartphones from LG would be the recently announced GD880 Mini, where is 3.2″ display does its best not to waste space, running nearly straight to the very edge in order to do away with the bulk found in other handsets. Being rather slim and minimalist in terms of design, it still doesn’t look fragile thanks to metal accents all over that helps it have that […]

Mini Wearable Air Purifier For Your Pet
We’ve seen people pamper their pets before, but would you buy a mini air purifier for your pet? Well, the folks who came up with the Mini Wearable Ionizer Air Purifier for Pets certainly think so. Fortunately it doesn’t seem like it will cost as much as normal air purifiers, as it’s going for $17.20. The device can be worn directly on the pet, around the collar, so as to […]

Micro Sport Japanese MP3 Player
Looking for a small MP3 player so you can sneak some tunes while you’re in class? Check out the Micro Sport Japanese MP3 Player, which is tiny (as pictured), but despite its small size, the creators of it managed to cram 4GB of storage space and a rechargeable battery inside it. Surprisingly, it also features stereo sound, with the other earbud attached directly to the side of the main unit, […]

Optima Mini Laptop
The Optima Mini Laptop is a MacBook Air wannabe, although you won’t see it selling like gangbusters anytime soon. It might be mighty slim on the outside, but inside are the innards of a regular netbook including an Intel Atom N270 processor, 1GB RAM, a 160GB hard drive, Wi-Fi connectivity and a 1.3-megapixel webcam. It will ship with the Windows XP operating system, which means the sticker price is slightly […]