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Smart sand could be the precursor to a robotic sandman
MIT 3D solar panels gather up to 20X more power
Bullet: a self-balancing electric unicycle
Cambridge Crude: liquid electricity
3D solar structures from MIT that can work just as well in cloudy weather
Google to shut down App Inventor
6ft tall Tetris game controlled with DDR mats
New method to defend against "man in the middle" attacks
Researchers teach computers how to learn from manuals; humans prepare for computer domination
HR3D from MIT: A Better 3D Screen Than the Nintendo 3DS, But...
Biological viruses can be used to improve solar cells
Kinect adds more value to teleconferencing
Quadrocopter Can Fly Autonomously Thanks to Kinect Cam
Carbon nanotube device can rapidly diagnose cancer
Electricity out of water gets more efficient process
A radar made from coffee cans
MIT Develops Adaptive Lighting System That Could Reduce Lighting Bills
MIT Laser Camera Can See Around Corners
MIT Grad Student Comes Up With Webcam System That Can See If Your Heart Is Healthy
MIT Researchers Developer Carbon Nanotube Antenna To Make Solar Cells Smaller