Science had always drawn inspiration from nature, otherwise, how do you explain submarines, planes and even the spectacles that you put on? There is still a wealth of knowledge out there to be tapped, and an MIT researcher has managed to create electricity out of water in a more efficient manner compared to conventional solar cells, and that also to the point where one and a half bottles of wastewater is able to provide enough juice for a whole house for an entire day. Makes us wonder just what kind of appliances that house has as well as its size, since a more tangible benchmark would provide a better picture. Daniel Nocera, a chemistry and engineering researcher at MIT, drew his inspiration from plants and the photosyntesis process, managed to come up with an artificial “leaf” that relies on cobalt and phosphate to split water molecules with mere sunlight. Whenever the oxygen and hydrogen are recombined, that process results in electricity at an efficiency which is of a higher level compared to traditional solar cells.

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