Mobiado Grand Touch Aston Martin is souped up Nexus S

Luxury smartphones are an extremely niche market, but that does not mean this is a dying market. I would assume that the number of gold-plated handsets which we have seen in the past do point to a viable channel of profit, but it is not going to be the bread and butter for most. Having said that, the Samsung Nexus S has been souped up thanks to the efforts of Mobiado. […]

Mobiado Grand Touch series to snag next batch of nouveau riche

If you love all things that are blinged up, then chances are you would have set your heart and eyes on Mobiado’s range of handsets in the past. Granted, these are really expensive phones, but the kind of functionality that it comes with it are extremely basic to say the least. Mobiado intends to bedazzle a whole new generation of phone owners with their new Grand Touch series, where they […]

Mobiado Unveils Classic 712 Mokume Gane Luxury Phone

Mobiado is no stranger when it comes to luxury phones and the company has come up with the Classic 712 Mokume Gane for its Classic portfolio, with the Japanese words in its name translating to “wood grain metal“. The case materials undergo a unique forging process that involves hand-twisting different metals together to create the unique appearance, so you can understand why this phone won’t come cheap, and it’ll set […]

Mobiado adds Classic 712 Stealth to its ultra-high end line

Mobiado has added the Classic 712 Stealth to further expand their line of ultra-high end handsets, where it received its inspiration from stealth military aircraft. Expect some rather snazzy materials to be used in its construction such as glass bead-blasted aircraft aluminum and sapphire crystal. The case will then undergo a process where it is anodize coated and adorned with hand painted sapphire crystal buttons. Don’t expect this to top […]


Mobiado Classic 712 Executive Model Luxury Phone

Folks who are looking out for a new luxury phone might want to take note that Mobiado has announced its latest luxury phone, the Classic 712 Executive Model (EM). It’s dubbed as being an evolution in Mobiado’s wood series, as it’s made from exotic wood, sapphire crystal, and aluminum. It’s a quad-band GSM phone, with tri-band WCDMA support. Features of this phone include a 2.2-inch QVGA display, built-in GPS, music […]

Mobiado CPT001 concept phone

Mobiado has a spanking new conceptual handset known as the CPT001, where this “objet d’art” will merge both modern-age communications technology with materials that were the main choice during the renaissance period. Apparently, the CPT001 luxury phone concept will be chiseled from one piece of solid marble and enhanced with gold filled engraved letters, whereas the touchscreen display will be made from a solitary piece of sapphire. Talk about being […]

Mobiado Classic 712GCB luxury phone

Mobiado is back with another millionaire-friendly phone – the Classic 712GCB. This handset is touted to be an “expression of mechanical perfection, mastering of aesthetic details, and the integrity of consistent craftsmanship.” When going through the specifications list, it is not too far away from the Classic 712ZAF, featuring a candybar form factor accompanied by a 2.2″ QVGA display, 3G connectivity, GPS support, a web browser, music player and a […]

Mobiado 350 Pioneer luxury phone

Recession? What recession? The Mobiado 350 Pioneer is another space-themed luxury handset that boasts a body which was CNC machined from spacecraft aluminum, resulting in an extremely hard surface that you can even use this to crack open crabs when eating. The frame is subsequently inlaid with sapphire crystal, where it will boast an infrared window made from a solid piece of ruby crystal. You’re basically pressing on precious stones […]

Mobiado MP105 Clone

Not only do regular handsets get cloned, but so do luxury ones such as the Mobiado MP105. Strangely enough, it comes with what looks like a pair of analog clocks at the bottom of the handset, although someone rich enough to buy the real thing would probably own an equally expensive watch that has its own time zones for the discerning traveler. As a clone, this model ain’t half bad […]