Articles about mobile app Easy Scheduling, Payment and Marketing App for Solopreneurs
Richard Titus,  CEO,, describes its new product as “ a mobile platform for scheduling, payment and marketing for small business owners, specifically for people who sell services by the hour or the session ” makes it very easy for any “solopreneur” or service provider to schedule appointments with clients, and receive credit card payments at no cost directly from their iOS and Android smartphones. Additionally, the application allows for […]

Droplet Smart Reminder Enters Kickstarter Phase
Droplet happens to be a smart, wireless button which is discreet enough to be attached to just about anything. In fact, all that you need to do is to tap the button in order to keep track activities including the likes of household chores, fitness goals and even the taking of one’s medication. The moment you are done with your particular task, press the Droplet button, and you would have […]

Sleevely, Smart Baby Bottle on Kickstarter
Feeding a baby is the most important activity parents have to perform during her/his early life, and it takes a lot of time. So here comes Sleevely, the smart devicesthat promises to help feed better the 130 million babies who are born every year.Sleevely is a baby bottle smartsleeve that keeps track of hydration and nutrition via Bluetoth connectivity and a companion iOS application. The company claims that this is […]

Viber New Redesigned iOS App and Coming to BlackBerry 10
  Viber, one of the leading messaging apps has launched its brand new iPhone application redesigned for iOS7. Additionally, the company released a new mobile app for BlackBerry 10, bringing the latest feature of the iOS version to Blackberry users.Some cool features have been added to the new version, such as the ability to send multiple photos simultaneously and to create a block list of unwanted numbers and contacts. It is […]

Advertising Moves Out Of Beta After 2M Downloads
It has taken more than a couple of million downloads of, where this particular app will finally move out of beta, and is finally available as a full app in the form of its Android launcher. Apart from that, the new full app will also come with a slew of new contextual features, including a new design and a new launcher name, no surprises that it is called […] For iPad is a popular content curation website that lets people build their own online publication using articles found across multiple sources on the Internet. In a few clicks, individuals and companies are able to collect and comment on numerous articles on the topics they are interested in.One of the key benefits of the service is to offer an easy way for readers to find a lot of information on very […]

Pearltrees: Visual Collaborative Content Curation for Android
Pearltrees is a powerful application that allows people to browse and organize web content visually. This “crowed sourced library”, started on the desktop web in 2009, became mobile in 2011 with the launch of the iPad application soon followed by the iPhone version in 2012. Pearltrees counts now over 2 million monthly active users who have collected 50 million pearls, the iPad and iPhone apps are consistently rated 5 stars […]

Sherpa Personal Assistant App for Android
[DEMO Mobile] Sherpa is currently the number one voice personal assistant for Android in the Spanish-speaking world, according to the company. Sherpa for the Spanish language was launched in October 2012 and today, it makes its debut in the US market both in English and in Spanish.Yesterday, I met with Sherpa’s founder and CEO Xabier Uribe-Etxebarria who built the algorithm that powers Sherpa, which is the result of his research […]

Cisco’s Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router and Applications – Demo at GDGT
[GDGT 2012] Linksys Smart Wi-Fi was previously referred to as Cisco Connect Cloud according the product page. Smart Wi-fi is a consumer-friendly solution that combines any latest Lynksis router (Linksys E4200v2, EA2700, EA3500, EA4500, and EA6500) equipped with the latest firmware and a suite of mobile apps from which you can control your home connectivity.Setting up and operating a home network is often a pain for most non tech-savvy people, […]

BlipBoard: Twitter Meets Foursquare
[DEMO Fall 2012] Today, BlipBoard for iPhone was launched at DEMO Fall, the application acts like a social map, where people can access information and alerts in real time about what is happening nearby.Users can tune in to people and places and get instant information about events, happy hours, restaurant specials and many other happenings posted by people and venues around the city. It looks like one of the key […]

Pearltrees for iPhone
I have written about Pearltrees since the web application was in private beta back in April 2009, before the official launch in late 2009. To date, the free service counts more than 500,000 contributors and more than 25 million pearls.Although I am not an avid user, however I love its aesthetics and the ease of use of its graphic interface. Content curation is a trending topic in the internet industry […]

AlertMe’s Remote Heating Control available from British Gas
We have published about the Nest Learning Thermostat created when it was announced in October 2011, since then, the device has been updated with an iPhone app that allows remote controlling the Nest’s settings while on-the-go.Today, a new comer in that space is made available in the UK, through the AlertMe platform in partnership with British Gas. Remote Heating Control is one of the various services delivered over the AlertMe […]

Google Search for iPhone updated
Google Mobile App that’s been around on iOS for awhile now has recently been given a facelift and a name change. The app is now called Google Search and it brings some new useful search features over to the iOS platform. The main feature most people will notice is the inclusion of a new toolbar when using Google Search. If you want to filter your search results into different categories […]

Wyse PocketCloud 1.1 Now For Galaxy Tab
Wyse PocketCloud allows user to remotely access their desktop computer from their Android and iOS mobile devices. Today, Wyse is releasing PocketCloud version 1.1, with enhanced performances , advanced Microsoft NLA security, and optimization for tablets such as the new Samsung Galaxy Tab and Cisco Cius. Wyse claims to have 250,000 downloads to date.PocketCloud is available on the Android Market, you can find more info on the product page and […]