Droplet happens to be a smart, wireless button which is discreet enough to be attached to just about anything. In fact, all that you need to do is to tap the button in order to keep track activities including the likes of household chores, fitness goals and even the taking of one’s medication. The moment you are done with your particular task, press the Droplet button, and you would have then recorded your thanks to a dedicated app, which in turn will put you on your way to a habit-forming process.


Droplet’s smartphone app will play nice on both iOS and Android platforms, where it sends reminders should you happen to forget the completion of a particular task. Taking into consideration how Droplet happens to be roughly the size of a quarter, you can place it right beside an object or activity which you’re tracking.

It will be different from a simple calendar app, since you have to to tap the Droplet first to clear the reminder, which means one is unable to swipe right or press snooze to ignore. Thanks to the included smart hub, activities will always remain tracked should your smartphone run out of battery, or is in another room.

One can also configure Droplet to trigger an online action with just a tap of the button, and this might include the likes of placing a reorder for essentials when they are running low, or to log one’s work hours in a spreadsheet, or even to send automated texts when leaving the office. The Droplet is available on Kickstarter from $39 onward.


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