Junaio 2.5: AR Mobile Browser New Version Released

We published about Junaio Augmented Reality mobile browser when metaio, the developer, launched the v 2.0 in March at SXSW. From the press release, we know that Junaio 2.5 features an “improved graphical user interface, easier channel navigation and pinpoint geographic filtering”.

Opera Mobile 10.1 Goes Gold on Symbian

Opera Mobile 10.1 has exited beta and is now gold for the Symbian platform. A staple browser for other platforms such as Windows Mobile, Opera Mobile 10.1 is a robust browser with a long list of features, such as: Pioneering features from Opera – such as Speed Dial, tabbed browsing, Opera Link and password manager – reduce the time and typing required to navigate your favorite websites. When slow network […]

Fennec on Nokia N900

Nokia’s N900 will be the first Maemo-powered device to get a taste of Fennec, also known as Firefox Mobile. The final version of FireFox Mobile will be available soon (as an optional download), but Nokia N900 owners can already get a foretaste of things to come by downloading the beta version way before that. We’ve seen a demo of Fennec running on the N900, and it seems pretty clear that […]