Fennec on Nokia N900

Nokia’s N900 will be the first Maemo-powered device to get a taste of Fennec, also known as Firefox Mobile. The final version of FireFox Mobile will be available soon (as an optional download), but Nokia N900 owners can already get a foretaste of things to come by downloading the beta version way before that.

We’ve seen a demo of Fennec running on the N900, and it seems pretty clear that Nokia has made the right choice by working with Mozilla on this one. Not only Fennec aims at providing a full web experience to the user, but it has also been designed to fit a mobile lifestyle, thanks to its ability to synchronize open tabs and web history. Because the browser is smarter, the net result is less typing (and less urls to remember) which is the #1 frustration for mobile users. With Fennec, you can walk away of your desktop and practically find the same tabs on your mobile. It’s like taking your browser with you.

Finally, Mozilla stresses that a full web experience is not to be confused to “having a desktop site” in your mobile. They know that the size of the screen radically changes how people use sites. What full web experience means that mobile browsers have access to all the development tools and capabilities that desktop machines have. As for the user interface, it needs to be adapted to a mobile usage.

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