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Motorola Goes Back To Its Budget Roots With New Moto G, Moto E Smartphones
Motorola seems to be going back and forth between its smartphone strategy. For a while, the company kind of gave up on flagship devices and chose to focus on its low-end and mid-range phones. Then earlier this year, the company launched a flagship handset in the form of the Moto Edge Plus.

Lenovo Vibe C2 Leaked, Rumored To Be The Moto E’s 2016 Replacement
So we’ve seen Motorola launch new Moto G handsets, and we’ve also seen them launch the Moto Z handsets. Now since Motorola said that the Moto Zs won’t be replacing the Moto X, we can only imagine that we will be treated to new Moto X handsets at some point, but what about the Moto E range?

Motorola Moto E Next Generation Model Specifications Leaked (Rumor)
It looks like the hardware specifications for not one, but two, upcoming Motorola smartphones have been leaked, having been spotted over at the GFXBench benchmark site. They do seem to be Motorola devices, as opposed to Lenovo branded smartphones, as derived from their respective model numbers of XT1700 and XT1706, which happen to be the traditional model number naming convention from Motorola.

Relax, The Moto G & Moto E Aren’t Being Killed Off
Last week when Lenovo’s head of mobile Chen Xudong revealed that the Motorola brand would be phased out, there were some hints of what the future could look like for Moto-branded handsets, namely how they will sport fingerprint sensors and how the company will focus on phones larger than 5-inches.There was also talks about how Lenovo was planning on killing off the lower-end phones like the Moto G and Moto […]


Moto G & Moto E Helps Motorola Overtake Nokia In India
While Windows Phone might not command the largest market share at the moment, it has managed to grow quite a bit, thanks to the efforts of Nokia who has primarily been creating Windows Phone devices. In fact Nokia’s Lumia 520 managed to dominate developing markets such as India, but it looks like Nokia’s time in the sun has come to an end.According to a report from the Economic Times of […]

Moto E Specifications Leaked
Recently we picked up on a rumor about Motorola launching a new smartphone this May. Apparently this device will arrive in three different models and will primarily be destined for emerging markets. Latest reports suggest that this smartphone might be called Moto E, and much like the existing Moto G, it may be slim, compact and competitively priced. It is actually expected to be thinner than the Moto G.