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Additional Moto X (2015) Specs Revealed
Tomorrow Motorola will officially announce their new phones, which at the moment is speculated to be the Moto X (2015) and the Moto G (2015). Now in terms of specs of Motorola’s next-gen flagship, nothing has been confirmed yet but according to the rumors, the display of the next-gen Moto X is said to be of the QHD variety.This would be a logical assumption since most flagship smartphones these days […]

Motorola To Livestream Their July 28th Event
Last week Motorola announced that they would be hosting an event on the 28th of July. While they weren’t specific, many had speculated that the event would be to announce new phones that the company was working on. Now if you’re curious as to what Motorola has up their sleeves, you can tune into their announcement live.Motorola has recently tweeted that on the 28th of July at 9AM ET, they […]

New Moto X (2015) Photos Leaked In White And Gold
Yesterday thanks to leaked photos, we caught a glimpse at what was allegedly the Moto X (2015). For the most part it lined up with what we have been seeing, and it also seems that Motorola has not deviated too much in terms of design, maybe throwing in a color accent here or two along the way.Now thanks to newer photos that have leaked online, we have caught a glimpse […]

Alleged Moto X (2015) Photos Leaked Online
The Moto X series of flagships from Motorola have proven to be pretty decent devices. Combine that with the customizability of Moto Maker and you’ve got yourself a pretty neat handset. Now we’re sure many are curious as to what the next-gen Moto X could look like, but thanks to the folks Android Peru (via Phandroid), they have posted several leaked photos of the upcoming handset.Now as far as design […]


Motorola Exec Hints At Camera Improvements For Moto X (2015)
When it comes to smartphones and their cameras, phones by Apple, Samsung, LG, and Sony probably come to mind as brands with better cameras, at least compared to the rest of the competition. Given how important the camera is to users, this is something that Motorola will be addressing in their next-gen Moto X handset.This is based on a couple of tweets from Motorola’s CMO Adrienne Hayes who confirmed that […]

Moto X (2015) Leaked Again
It looks like it is leaking season where the Moto X (2015) is concerned – it was just yesterday when we talked about the possibility of a fingerprint scanner being available in the device due to a space that folks have speculated of it being where you place your finger. Biometric certification seems to be the in thing these days, but it seems that the latest leaked photo of the […]

Alleged Photo Shows Moto X (2015) With Fingerprint Scanner
It is safe to assume that Motorola is working on a new Moto X handset. In fact we have been hearing rumors about such a device and now thanks to leaked photos, additional information about the upcoming handset has been revealed. According to the photos, it seems that there is a good chance the Moto X (2015) could arrive with a fingerprint scanner in tow.As you can see to the […]

Motorola Moto X (2015) Said To Arrive With 5.2-Inch QHD Display In Tow
When it comes to the world of smartphones, Motorola has always rolled out some pretty decent releases, with plenty of models that offer a whole lot of bang for your hard earned buck. The Moto X happens to be one of them, where we have seen two different generations now, and here we are with another rumor of the upcoming Motorola Moto X (2015), where it is tipped to arrive […]

Moto X (2015) To Sport 16MP Camera With OIS [Rumor]
Last week we reported that thanks to leaked information, the alleged details of Motorola’s next-gen Moto X was revealed. However thanks to newer details from STJS Gadgets, additional information about the handset’s camera has been revealed in the process. Now previously we reported that the phone could sport a 16MP camera.The new report corroborates those claims but has also revealed that the camera will feature optical image stabilization (OIS). This […]

Alleged Moto X (2015) Specs Leaked
The Moto X series of phones from Motorola have been pretty impressive devices that Motorola has released over the past couple of years, which is why we have to admit that we’re pretty excited to see what Motorola will be bringing to the table with this year’s Moto X. The good news is that if you’re just as curious, the folks at STJS Gadgets have recently managed to get their […]

Moto X (2015) Expected For August/September Launch
The Moto X (2014) was launched in the later part of 2014 and given the success Motorola’s had with the device, we’re sure many users are looking forward to seeing what this year’s Moto X has in store for us. However the question is, when can we expect the device to be launched? Motorola’s President Rick Osterloh recently took to Twitter where he more or less gave away the date.According […]