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Next-Gen Moto X Handsets Could Sport Modular Accessories
A couple of days ago, a leaked photo showed off the alleged Moto X (2016). The handset appears to sport a new design but on the back of the phone, there also appears to be an array of dots which we had originally imagined to indicate a dock connector, similar to that of Apple’s Smart Connector.

Next-Gen Moto X Handsets Could Sport Dock Connectors
One of the new hardware features that Apple introduced with the iPad Pro is the Smart Connector. This allows the device to connect to other accessories that does not rely on the Lightning connector, but last we heard, the iPhone 7 might not be packing the feature. Now as it turns out, Motorola’s upcoming Moto X handsets might.

Moto X (2016) Could Feature Snapdragon 820, 4GB Of RAM
So far every year Motorola has released a Moto X handset, and unless the company announces otherwise, we can only assume that this year we will be looking at another Moto X device. In fact according to recent benchmark sightings, it seems that we could be getting a glimpse at some of the specs the handset will pack.

Alleged Moto X (2016) Spotted With Front-Facing Fingerprint Sensor
Every year without fail, Motorola has launched a new Moto X handset. We were treated to new Moto X handsets last year meaning that come 2016, we should be able to expect a new model as well. Now thanks to a photo obtained by hellomotoHK, we could be having our very first glimpse at 2016’s model.


Motorola To Bring Back Fingerprint Sensor With 2016’s Moto X [Rumor]
While Apple is getting a lot of attention in the past few years with the introduction of Touch ID, let’s not forget that there were companies who in the past had tried similar technology. One of those companies is none other than Motorola who debuted a fingerprint sensor in the original Motorola Atrix 4G.However it seems that the technology did not take back then, which might explain why phones never […]

Moto X (2016) Could Use A Heat Pipe For Cooling [Rumor]
It hasn’t been too long since 2015’s Moto X devices were announced, but it looks like rumors of next year’s Moto X has already been making their rounds. Just last week a photo surfaced which showed the alleged chassis of the Moto X (2016). Now thanks to a newly leaked photo, the inside of the chassis has been revealed.As you can see in the photo above, it shows off the […]