Articles about MWC 2015 (page 2)

Qualcomm Zeroth: A Cognitive Computing Platform
Qualcomm has launched Zeroth, a “cognitive computing platform” based on deep-learning algorithms that would make all kinds of devices (understand Qualcomm-based ones, Snapdragon or otherwise) much more aware of the context in which they are being used, but not limited to that. Deep-learning makes it possible to teach many types of patterns to computers, basically teach them to recognize different things, which they can use to make their own decisions […]

Windows 10 For Phones Will Be Released For All Windows Phone 8.1 Devices
In January Microsoft showed off the latest iteration of its operating system, Windows 10, and it has already released preview builds for both desktop and mobile. Windows 10 for phones brings a plethora of new features for the platform. The update is set to arrive on supported devices later this year. Microsoft has reiterated that the Windows 10 for Phones update will be released to all devices that are compatible […]

Android Pay Confirmed By Google
We have recently been hearing whispers that Google has a new payments initiative up its sleeve for which it also acquired Softcard. Today the company has finally confirmed Android Pay. Google’s Sundar Pichai explained that Android Pay is not a service itself, rather its an “API layer” which will enable other companies to support secure payments on Android both online and at brick and mortar locations.

Next Windows 10 Preview Release Will Bring The Spartan Browser
Even before Microsoft formally announced Windows 10 we heard rumors that the company was working on a completely new web browser under the Project Spartan codename. The Spartan browser was then confirmed when Windows 10 was unveiled in January and it’s the Internet Explorer replacement for Windows 10. So far none of the preview builds have included the new browser Microsoft has confirmed today that the next Windows 10 preview release […]


Google's Mobile Service Is Coming Soon
It was recently rumored that Google could start a prepaid wireless mobile carrier of its own and now the company has confirmed its plans. During his talk today at Mobile World Congress 2015 Sundar Pichai confirmed that the company is working with “existing partners” to develop its own MVNO. He didn’t name Sprint and T-Mobile as the partners, even though they’re the ones it was rumored to be team up […]

Cyanogen Announces Qualcomm Partnership And Its New Brand Identity
Cyanogen wants to get in on the Mobile World Congress 2015 news cycle as well which is why the company has made a couple of announcements of its own. First the company showed off its new brand identity which basically brings a new website and a new logo. It also announced a partnership with Qualcomm which will smooth the way for CyanogenOS to find its way to more mobile devices.

Panasonic Nubo Is A 4G Enabled Monitoring Camera
At Mobile World Congress 2015 today Panasonic announced the Nubo which it describes as the “world’s first 4G-enabled monitoring camera.” The idea behind it is simple. Allow people to monitor their belongings and property even if they can’t rely on a Wi-Fi connection, something which other monitoring cameras totally rely upon, and this is where the 4G compatibility comes in handy. Sure there are fixed monitoring and professional surveillance products […]

HTC One M9 Review: Hands-on
The highly rumored (and leaked) HTC One M9 was unveiled yesterday at MWC and we were in the room for Peter Chou’s presentation on stage.The HTC One M9 looks very similar than its predecessor the One M8, in a slightly more compact package. For its new flagship product, HTC kept the same brushed aluminum back cover with two lines at the top and the bottom, the same BoomSound speaker grille and […]

Google Expects Titan Drones To Make First Flight In The Near Future
Early last year Google acquired drone company Titan just as it was being rumored that Facebook was interested in picking it up. The drones that Titan builds are capable of staying up a long period of time while carrying payload that allow them to beam internet to people on the ground. Speaking at the Mobile World Congress 2015 today Sundar Pichai, a Google executive who needs no introduction, revealed that Titan’s […]

Snapdragon 820 Will Reach Qualcomm’s Partners In H2 2015
Qualcomm said that Snapdragon 820, the company’s next high-end processor (or SoC) would start “sampling” in the second half of this year (H2 2015). “Sampling” means that the first processors will be produced in limited quantity for engineering purposes. This is how OEMs can start verifying that the chip integration to their product works as planned, and software verification can take place. In general functionality is the first priority, then […]

Alcatel IDOL 3 Revealed
[MWC 2015] Alcatel is normally not the most sought after name when it comes to new smartphone releases, but this does not mean that the company is not flamboyant. No sir, their past offerings have, in fact, featured some brightly colored handsets – and the new Alcatel IDOL 3 happens to come packed with best-in-class components as well as software – or so they claim.

Alcatel Orange Klif Smartphone Wants To Make Internet Accessible To All
[MWC 2015] You might think that just about everyone has a smartphone these days, and accompanying the smartphone would be a corresponding data plan in order for you to maximize the handset’s capabilities. Well, having said that, this particular trend might be true in developed countries, but emerging markets might still have a large segment of the population that are more occupied with bread and butter issues as opposed to […]

Movius' myIDs Secure To Be Shown With Samsung KNOX At MWC
Samsung has recently accepted Movius Corporation, as an official Silver Partner under Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP). For those who don’t know, Movius is the global leader in mobile identities and converged messaging solutions and in a bid to mutually promote each other, Samsung has agreed to showcase Movius’ myIDs Secure  with Samsung KNOX at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain as Movius’s PR has just announced.Movius is […]

Windows 10 Insiders: 2.8 Million And Counting
[MWC 2015] It was on stage in Barcelona at this year’s MWC that Microsoft’s Stephen Elop made mention on how their Windows 10 Insiders program has racked up over 2.8 million users – which is an impressive figure by any means. After all, it was just at the end of January this year that we saw the number of Windows 10 Insiders swell by a cool half a million in […]