Articles about MWC 2015

LG G4 User Interface Teased In Official Video
This time around LG decided not to unveil its new flagship smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2015 and wait almost two months to conduct an event of its own. LG has scheduled an event on April 28th where it’s going to unveil the LG G4 smartphone. Following tradition the company has decided to these features we’re most likely to see in its upcoming flagship, like the 5.5-inch Quad HD display. Today it has released a […]

LG G4 Cases Possibly Reveal Hints About Its Design
Yesterday LG confirmed that it will conduct an event on April 28th, at the event it will quite possibly unveil the LG G4. The company didn’t show off its flagship smartphone at MWC this time around and instead waited more than a month to unveil it. While there have already been many rumors and leaks concerning this smartphone today listing for LG G4 cases were spotted on Amazon. The pictures probably […]

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Review: Hands-On
Sony unveiled its awesomely elegant and uber-light Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet at MWC 2015, a device with great performance powered by the fastest Qualcomm processor (Snapdragon 810), featuring a stunning display and packaged in a sleek body that is 50 g lighter than the iPad Air 2, for the same thickness (6.1 mm).The Sony tablet got a lot of traction during MWC 2015, and for good reason. We played with […]

Ubergizmo's Best of MWC 2015 Awards
Mobile World Congress 2015 is over, and it was one hell of a show. It’s a bit frustrating that we’re never able to see everything, but we are leaving the show knowing that we have seen and touched most of the best gadgets that just came out. Phones, wearables or new technologies were abundant, and we are already thinking about MWC 2016! If you haven’t had time to follow this […]


Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 Brings Bluetooth Keyboard Support And More
There has been a lot of speculation about the status of Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2. At one point it was rumored that Microsoft is going to skip this update and take supported devices straight to Windows 10 for Phones. That doesn’t appear to be the case now as recent reports have suggests that the second major update for Windows Phone 8.1 is on the cards. Even though no official announcement has […]

LG Expected To Release Another High-End Smartphone After The G4
Many would have expected LG to unveil its new flagship at the Mobile World Congress 2015. Its rivals HTC and Samsung did so but LG had made it quite clear before this event that it will not be showing off the LG G4 in Barcelona. Instead the company is going to conduct a separate event in a couple of months to show off its latest flagship smartphone. There is speculation in the […]

Zopo Touch Sports Curved Glass
[MWC 2015] While the whole world is enamored with all the major brand announcements made over at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, this year, including the Samsung Galaxy S6, what happens when there are other far smaller players in the market that decide to drop a new handset of their very own? This is the case with the Zopo Touch, where it will offer a curved glass form factor […]

In-Car Dashboard Software To Pay For Things In The Future?
[MWC 2015] It seems that payment for goods are going to get even more convenient in the future. Three rather unlikely allies have come together – Visa, Accenture and Pizza Hut, having announced a spanking new proof-of-concept connected car program which touts that drivers can order as well as pay for pizza via the vehicle’s dashboard software, now how about that when it comes to versatility? This particular partnership will […]

Wiko Highway Star 4G And Pure 4G Handsets Revealed
[MWC 2015] Wiko, a French smartphone manufacturer, has decided to take advantage of MWC 2015 by revealing a couple of new devices to the masses – the Highway Star 4G as well as the Highway Pure 4G. First of all, the Highway Star 4G could very well be a flagship device from Wiko, especially when you take into consideration how all of the other smartphones from Wiko happen to come […]

BlackBerry Teases Curved Screen Slider Smartphone
[MWC 2015] I don’t know about you, but BlackBerry is certainly having a ball of a time today, first having announced that the BlackBerry Classic will be made available in three more new colors apart from the regular black, as well as the official announcement of the mid-range BlackBerry Leap. Well, here we are with something that should hit the markets in the future, except that we do not know […]

BlackBerry Classic Set To Arrive In White, Blue And Bronze Shades
[MWC 2015] The BlackBerry Classic, a smartphone that was announced to the masses a week before Christmas last year, has been touted by many to be the epitome of the company’s smartphone concept. After all, it comes with a hardware keyboard (something rare in this day and age where full touchscreen smartphones rule the roost, accompanied by a serious design alongside security features that the suits in corporations love. It […]

BlackBerry Leap Revealed
[MWC 2015] Acer might have introduced a particular device with the name ‘Leap’ inside of it – but this should not stop other companies from taking a ‘leap of faith’ (pardon the pun) to go down the same route, too. For instance, the BlackBerry Leap has been revealed, and this smartphone will play nice with 4G LTE networks, too.

Qualcomm Sense ID: Next-Gen Fingerprint Reader
While we typically hear about Qualcomm for its Snapdragon mobile processors, the San Diego based company has announced a next-Gen fingerprint reading technology, which is based on ultrasound, which makes it possible to perceive the fingerprints in 3-dimensions. This is a step up from the 2D-based fingerprint reading methods that are commonly employed.

Samsung Is Developing A 'Perfect' Smartwatch
Ever since Samsung launched its first smartwatch back in 2013 the company has released multiple models, more so than any of its rivals, so it came as a surprise for many when at MWC 2015 the company didn’t show off a new smartwatch while its competitors did. There were even rumors a couple of months before that Samsung will unveil a new smartwatch called Orbis at MWC 2015. According to a […]

Qualcomm Zeroth: A Cognitive Computing Platform
Qualcomm has launched Zeroth, a “cognitive computing platform” based on deep-learning algorithms that would make all kinds of devices (understand Qualcomm-based ones, Snapdragon or otherwise) much more aware of the context in which they are being used, but not limited to that. Deep-learning makes it possible to teach many types of patterns to computers, basically teach them to recognize different things, which they can use to make their own decisions […]

Windows 10 For Phones Will Be Released For All Windows Phone 8.1 Devices
In January Microsoft showed off the latest iteration of its operating system, Windows 10, and it has already released preview builds for both desktop and mobile. Windows 10 for phones brings a plethora of new features for the platform. The update is set to arrive on supported devices later this year. Microsoft has reiterated that the Windows 10 for Phones update will be released to all devices that are compatible […]

Android Pay Confirmed By Google
We have recently been hearing whispers that Google has a new payments initiative up its sleeve for which it also acquired Softcard. Today the company has finally confirmed Android Pay. Google’s Sundar Pichai explained that Android Pay is not a service itself, rather its an “API layer” which will enable other companies to support secure payments on Android both online and at brick and mortar locations.

Next Windows 10 Preview Release Will Bring The Spartan Browser
Even before Microsoft formally announced Windows 10 we heard rumors that the company was working on a completely new web browser under the Project Spartan codename. The Spartan browser was then confirmed when Windows 10 was unveiled in January and it’s the Internet Explorer replacement for Windows 10. So far none of the preview builds have included the new browser Microsoft has confirmed today that the next Windows 10 preview release […]

Google's Mobile Service Is Coming Soon
It was recently rumored that Google could start a prepaid wireless mobile carrier of its own and now the company has confirmed its plans. During his talk today at Mobile World Congress 2015 Sundar Pichai confirmed that the company is working with “existing partners” to develop its own MVNO. He didn’t name Sprint and T-Mobile as the partners, even though they’re the ones it was rumored to be team up […]

Cyanogen Announces Qualcomm Partnership And Its New Brand Identity
Cyanogen wants to get in on the Mobile World Congress 2015 news cycle as well which is why the company has made a couple of announcements of its own. First the company showed off its new brand identity which basically brings a new website and a new logo. It also announced a partnership with Qualcomm which will smooth the way for CyanogenOS to find its way to more mobile devices.